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The Power of Radiant Health


The journey towards Radiant Health is really a journey of Alignment with Radiant Health, with that space that already exists within us, for we are already whole.  The journey of gathering the broken pieces of our Selves through our Hearts connects us to our sacredness and the process of embodiment of our true nature and the emergence of our Sacred Heart consciousness as our compass and our inner light shinning down our path towards self realization and the living of our true purpose. 


The power of radiant health lays not just in itself but rather in it’s ability to spark our own evolution, in it’s ability to spark our own revolution and it’s ability to be our inner map towards our Selves, and our true belonging as Earth Citizens. 


The power of radiant health is the power you and I have to change what no longer serves us and create new paths of Peace in this Brave New World. The power of radiant health is a path to making peace with our Selves, our bodies, our mind, our family, our cultures, our community, our ecology, and ultimately the God of our own understanding. 


From deep within my heart,



May you come to know your true potentiality,

May you come to a place of Peace within you and through you,

May you know you have always been guided,

May you allow your Inner Shine to Glow bright.


The Power of Alignment


“The source of all creation is pure

consciousness . . . pure potentiality seeking

expression from the unmanifest to the manifest. 

And when we realize that our true Self is one

of pure potentiality, we align with the power

that manifests everything in the universe.” 

- Deepak Chopra


What does deep alignment look like? What does it mean? Why is it important? Why does it matter?…. many questions arise when confronted with the inquiry of deep alignment.  Alignment, to me, is the process of opening our hearts to the unconditional truths of love, interconnectedness, of living an ethically and ecologically responsible life, rooted on self and global respect, honesty, and the pursuit of peace within and with our selves and the world at large.  It is a journey to the Sacred Heart, it is a journey of reclaiming ourselves alive.


Ancient traditions that walked barefoot on this Earth knew the path to the sacred heart as the journey of the soul.  Their practices were not just tools, not just ‘a practice’ away from life, but more so the tools and the practices were their way of life.  In today’s busy world, we have forgotten our hearts along the river banks… we must now go back through the Earth to reclaim ourselves, our ecological and sacred selves. 


The Power of Deep Alignment is the power to feel Grace and our own divinity, our connection to the unseen world, to our inner purpose, to our outer expression of our soul’s desire. It is not just about the deep alignment of our bodies, or our hearts, or our minds as if these existed completely on their own. We are multidimensional beings, everything within us is interrelated, everything affects everything else, and as such for our radiant vibrant health, we need to explore what makes us unique, what we are passionate about, what makes our heart beat beyond the scientific functionality of our hearts… how can we integrate all the aspects of ourselves,  tap into our own potentiality and become the best possible version of ourselves?


The Power of Deep Alignment for me is the power of opening up to other realms of awareness; the Power of getting intimate with ourselves, with our feelings, with our dreams.  For if we don’t, how can we truly know our purpose?  How can we truly know what we want?  How can we truly know how and why to make it happen? 


The way I see it, we have one, a beautiful one at that, one life. Gather your tools, gather the practices that resonate within you, gather you heart and dive into it.  Life will hold your space, perhaps not easily, but worth the journey, worth the inquiry and discovery, worth the evolution, minds… and the sacred within.  


It is all possible, really. The so called good and the so called bad. Our perspective is everything. Our commitment to ourselves will lead the way to a life journey to our true selves and to the freedom of living with an open heart, with its power to raise our awareness & our consciousness, with its power of transformation. 


Liquid Power Nutrition along with the tools described in this book are that, tools for the journey to the Sacred Heart.  They are tools for our bodies to be a healthier expression of themselves.  They are tools for our minds to have more clarity, they are tools for our journey to be more vibrant, with a different depth in it’s weave of experience.  Integrating Juices, Smoothies, Elixirs into our life can be quite liberating! not just because they will detoxify us, not just because they can rebuild, rejuvenate and regenerate, but also because they contain within themselves the sunlight information for personal liberation. Best of all it is delivered straight into our blood and straight into our heart. 


We are what we eat.  We are what we eat, feel, think, expose ourselves to, surround ourselves by, do, not do… 


So my best words to you on The Power of Alignment is to seek your own (r)Evolution

The time to seek your own (r)Evolution is now


What is your soul’s desire? 

What is your heart compass showing you?

Can you lead the way?

Can you trust that you are guided?

Can you honestly take a look at your life and surrender to your heart?


Gather your tools, they hold truths to your truth, although your truth is your own.  Seek it, remember it, embrace it, surrender to it, walk it. 


Gather your tools, knowing that they are a map into your Sacred Heart. They are not you, nor are they your heart. Make them your own, add a dash of your own spice and blend them into your core. 


Gather your tools, and along the way others on their own journey will greet you…

Gather your tools, and (r)Evolution yourself alive!


Take the time to know your Self, away from you ego.

Take the time to become your Self, follow you heart.

Take the time… 


If not now, if not you, then who will?

Tools & Tips of the Trade.



Tools of the Trade

For magic Juice making you will need a Juicer, yes you can do it in a blender, and then strain it, but it is best to use a Juicer to get the maximum power for the investment of time and money you have just embarked yourself on.


What kind of juicer, you say? The one you can afford, the one you will use or the one you already have!. 


If you are shopping for juicers here is the list of what you should consider prior to investing in one:


  1. What is your price range? and search online for several options within that price range.

  2. What kind of juices will you be making, is it mainly green powerhouse juices? will you be juicing grasses such as wheatgrass, barley grass and so on? will you be using more fruit? 

  3. Honestly, will you be taking the time to clean the juicer?


At the beginning of our journey these are questions that we may not know the answer to, or perhaps we know some of the answers but one thing is for certain:  things change.  Our awareness, our intentions, our conditions change and perhaps we find ourselves wanting to add wheatgrass to our juices! Who knew? Right?  Keeping our options open when it comes to buying a juicer is the way to go.  Perhaps investing a little more in a juicer that gives you the possibility of doing grasses, or perhaps going with the flow and investing in a juicer for your current needs is what is best for your at this time.  Only you have the answer to your journey. 


Here are some juicers to consider:

  • The Norwalk Juicer (Two step juicer)

  • Twin Blade Juicers

  • Masticating Juicers

  • Centrifugal Juicers

Tips of the trade

Wash & cut your produce to be juiced all at once, so that it fits through the mouth of your Juicer.

Start putting the produce through the Juicer by alternating the soft, the leafy, the hard, in no respective order, just more so that your juicer doesn't get stuck with one type of produce.  For example, celery and leafy greens are great juicer cleaners if your apples are getting ‘stuck’. 

Drink right away! Right now is when the nutrient content of your juice is most alive, most vibrant and can do you the most good.


If you are intending to drink your goodness later on, place it in a stainless steel container and cover it with a lid.  Light will oxidize the juice. 

"Vibration is the core of the spirit. It is the breath of life."

Suzy Kassem