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Welcome Home to your Heart again

Dear Wild Heart:

Thank you.


Thank you for investing in your Own Revolution.


Today, we begin anew.

The time has come. You know it deep within.

I Welcome you to this Sacred Living Program: Foundations for the Art of Juicing. There is much to learn, yes, and there is a lot that I have packed into this course. Above all know that it is a journey, and that we are always in process. There is no magic pill, but there is a magical process.

Please remember to bookmark this page. This is our Sacred Space through our time together.


Please go through the Lessons that follow in order as they build on onto the next. I encourage you to gift yourself a day per lesson, but if you are inspired and have the time, you can do more Lessons in a day. Take your time, dive within the words reflected upon your screen, watch the videos, and watch them again until the words, the actions and the wisdom sink into your heart.


The time you gift yourself now, will come tenfold back to you. This is YOUR journey of transformation. This is YOUR time to dust off the good old Heart and Begin Anew.

May your journey be sacred. 

In Kinship,



Course Curriculum



  • The Power of Radiant Health

  • The Power of Alignment

  • The time to seek your (r)Evolution is now

  • Juicing Tools & Tips of the trade

Lesson 1:​

  • The Power of Liquid Nutrition

  • The Purpose of Liquid Nutrition

  • The Power of Fresh Pressed Juices

  • Juicing as a tool for Pausing, detoxifying, grounding, reseting, rebuilding, regenerating, rejuvenating & recalibrating our whole body system.

Lesson 2: 

  • Fresh Pressed Juices: The Essence of Life force

  • Juicing as a tools for Radiant Health & Longevity

  • Juices, to Fast or to Feast? That is the question

  • Juicing is a two way street

Lesson 3:

  • Toxicity & Mineral Deficiencies as the missing links to our Health Crisis

  • Remineralization in the 21st C - a key protocol for Longevity

  • Healing benefits of Juicing

  • Meet the Mother of the Queen: Chlorophyl. The Missing Link to our current diet

  • Meet the Queen: Fresh Raw Living Wheatgrass Juice​

Lesson 4:​

  • Juicing as a daily ritual for radiant health & longevity

  • Recipe ebook

  • The Art of juicing video demo 1 & 2.

Lesson 5:

  • Juicing as a tools to activate the inner space of healing, clarity and stillness within us

  • Introduction to Juicing as a tool for fasting or feasting ourselves Alive 

  • Sample of a 1 day Juice Feast


Lesson 6:

  • Tending to our Sacred Vessels

  • Juicing as a daily ritual to build our energy body & enhance our Spiritual connection 

  • Juicing as a tool to reclaim our Sacredness, Wholeness and Ecological Self


Lesson 7:​

  • Making Peace with our bodies.

  • Transitioning into building a strong foundation for Health

  • The Power of Recalibrating our Heart Compass


Here it is.

Yours to keep



' the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes'

Marcel Proust