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  • The Power of Liquid Nutrition

  • The Purpose of Liquid Nutrition

  • The Power of Fresh Pressed Juices

  • Juicing as a tool for pausing, detoxifying, grounding, reseting, rebuilding, regenerating, rejuvenating & recalibrating our whole body system.

The Power of Liquid Nutrition

You have heard the words, you have seen your friends try it, you have been getting closer and closer— as if standing at the edge of the hill ready to jump on your tipi toes waiting for the winds of change to take you over the edge... perhaps you have been juicing for some time, perhaps you have tried a couple of smoothies here and there, perhaps it already is a part of your everyday life and you are already shinning from the inside out... perhaps you are waiting to be guided along this journey to radiant health... perhaps you are ready to take it to a deeper level.. perhaps... perhaps... perhaps... all of the above and more. 

So what is the craze you say? So why da cool thing to do? So what is this thing called liquid nutrition? what kind of power does it hold? what kind of power does it infuse into us? what is juicing and smoothing? Why now? Why me? Why should I bother anyway? 

I get it, all fair questions. But if you are here, there is a good chance your heart knows the answers already. So let’s start the process of remembering... Shall we? 

Juicing is the art of adding fresh pressed juices to ones diet (yes they are still ‘living’ and they are also unpasteurized). For a more healing experience and greater alkalizer, vegetable green fresh pressed juices are recommended. Juices are the essence of food in liquid form, all the fibre is removed from the vegetables/ fruits, leaving only structured water full of high nutrient, minerals, oxygen and life force. Because it is a fibre-less liquid our bodies do not need to digest them—it is as if the foods we juice are “pre-digested”— thus freeing a lot of our energy for our own detoxification/ cleansing/ repairing/ rebuilding processes. Juicing helps liberate key nutrients and enzymes from the tough plant cell walls, allowing our bodies to receive most of the nutrition. They are the number one alkalizer! Keep in mind that because juices contain the essence of the foods juiced, when we use high sugary vegetables and fruits to make the juices, the sugar content of the juices is high. 

Smoothies and in particular green smoothies have won the hearts of many as they contain fibre that will act like a broom in our insides sweeping away all toxicity, particularly in the large intestine. They are a great alkalizer as well, but in comparison to juices, are digested by the body due to the high fibre nature. Smoothies or blended foods are great for us, as a big part of the digestive process has been pre-done for us by our blender, so our bodies have an easier time digesting them, without spending lots of energy! 

Both juices and smoothies are the quickest vehicle to restore our vitality, to repair our nutrient deficiencies and to remineralize our bodies. They are key protocols and tools for optimal health and longevity. They are the answer to many of the health challenges we are faced with today. And just as importantly, you and I can do them. We have access to not only this information, but also the power to act upon it and detox, rebuild, rejuvenate and regenerate ourselves alive. 

Elixirs on the other hand are medicinal infusions of love. They are often based on tea infusions from medicinal herbs, wild edibles, and herbs steeped for our wellbeing. They can be synergistically combined with a variety of superfood to enhance the healthy gene expression of our core, but they have the power to do that on their own. They are fascinating in that by consuming them, by getting to know them, we begin to get in touch with our own plant ancient wisdom, with the process of emergence of the heart and the emergence of universal consciousness through us. 

Liquid Nutrition is the process of integrating nutrient dense fresh pressed living juices, smoothies, and elixirs into our daily lives for healthy gene expression, for longevity, for radiant and vibrant health and for the emergence of our sacred hearts. Liquid Power Nutrition is a process, a tool to let your inner shine glow, a tool for creating living sanctuaries. It is a tool to reclaim our sacredness, our ecological selves, our radiance, our clarity of thought and action, our responsibility over our lives and the Earth, our ownership of our bodies, a tool for understanding the nature of our minds and the possibilities that exist for making the life of our dreams the life that we live. 

You see, food and drinks are not just what we put into our mouths a few times a day, without having any consequence or effect in our systems. What we choose to eat, what we choose to drink has the power to revolutionize our consciousness and the consciousness of the planet. The depth and variety of mineralization available to our body systems through what we eat and drink can lead us through two very distinct paths, the path to radiance health or the path to disease. 

Yes, I know there are other factors that affect us too, but this one is a key player in our wellbeing. We are born to thrive, our bodies want to live, our bodies want to evolve and our hearts want to emerge. They know their purpose even if we have forgotten. Can we remind ourselves of our journey? Can we reconnect with what it means to have a clear bond with our hearts, our minds, and our mission? Can we take responsibility over our ecological self and reclaim our sacredness along the way? 

Everything is interconnected. What is happening in the world at large is also happening inside our bodies. The environmental mess we are in at large is reflected in the large numbers of autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes and so on, that we are experiencing as a collective at this time. Our inner terrains are collapsing, we cannot sustain ourselves on this road. Simply, impossible. But we do have options. We have a lot of options. Yes, we might require to change our ways. But change is a good thing, especially when we begin to see the fruits of our labour. When we begin to heal, to feel better, to be more vibrant, to flow with life force energy and inspire ourselves and those around us to live more coherent lives. 

This is not just about me or you. It is all about us. The individual experience that results in a collective change of consciousness and transformation into a new era of peace, respect, sustainability, responsibility, love and evolution... one juice, one smoothie, one elixir at a time... 

So, let your inner shine glow!

The Purpose of Liquid Nutrition:

The Power of Fresh Pressed Juices

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Juicing as a tool for pausing, detoxifying, grounding, reseting, rebuilding, regenerating, rejuvenating & recalibrating our whole body system.

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“Right where you are, the potential of the universe is” 

Alexandra Katehakis