Liquid Feast & Vision Quest: Your Full Program

& Your Feedback


Dearest Amazing You:

Please know that you will have a full year to continue to come back to this program in this sacred space of the web world.

I have created two pdf files that contain all magic of this Sacred Living Program for you to have lifetime access and keep with your until the land of forever more. Please download them to your computer/device.

1- Pre Feast Educational Component Full Program

2- Liquid Feast and Vision Quest Full Program

Please also make sure you have downloaded your resources:

3- Ebook_The Power of Radiant Health through Liquid Nutrition

4- Pre Feast Educational Component Manual

5- Shopping List Chart

And as you download your program, I would like to request your Feedback about this Sacred Living Program. I know life is busy and it will continue to get busier but if you could take the next 5 mins now to answer the following questions and email  back to me, it would be most helpful not only to myself but also to others who are thinking of doing this program. Thank you in advance!


Feedback Form:

What was most helpful about this program?

What did you like best?

What didn't you like?

What did you find was key in your process?

How do you feel now, after having gone through this journey together?

Can you write a 3-5 line testimonial about this program? (please know it may be shared with others through online on the website or through social media)

(Please copy and paste this Feedback Form onto the email with your answers. Thank you.)


May it continue to serve you,

Naty Howard