Day 3- Liquid Feast & Vision Quest:  Sparking your Own Revolution


It’s not about finding your voice, it’s about giving yourself

permission to use it.

[ Kriss Carr ]

As we set one foot over the cliff and begin to let go of the densities that have dulled our journey we automatically begin to Spark our Own Revolution. It is in the lightness of our being that we meet our Bliss, it is in those moments of clarity and inspiration that we are able to hear our inner voices and answer the call to open our Hearts and lead our actions through our passions and so we begin to discover our inner compass. We begin to reconnect with the inner space of direction and inner guidance in our lives.



LIQUID FEAST:  The Living Systems Code of Liquid Nutrition: High Enzymatic Power.

VISION QUEST: Answering the Call to open our Hearts and discovering our Inner Compass.

RITUAL OF THE DAY: The importance of connecting with our inner voice as a guide for our Earthwalk. Discovering our inner compass.


Your voice has two expressions through your body. There is the outer voice that is the one that you make with your vocal cords. It has the power to express Universal Consciousness. It allows you to communicate in many different ways. There is also your deeper (inner) voice, the Voice of who you truly are, the Voice that resides inside of you, the one we often shut down. This is the Voice of Peace, the Voice of Love, the Voice of Grace. When we are able to align both Voices through our expression of ourselves into the world, our actions anchor into a deep space of love and authenticity.

Please download the  Connecting with Our Voices and Our Passions exercise & gift your self time for this practice.