Day 7- Liquid Feast & Vision Quest:  The Life Force that Breathes You.


“Vibration is the core of the spirit. It is the breath of life.”

[ Suzy Kassem ]

Life Force is the the life the breaths us. It is the power or energy that is transferred into us through the food we eat, through the nourishment that comes into us through the senses. It is the force or power that keeps us alive and keeps our hearts beating. Life Force can also be understood as consciousness. It is consciousness that seeks expression and expansion for it's own Evolution.

As we learn to surrender to our Heart's calling, as we learn to greet the challenge as the teacher, as we learn to build our energy body as a way to anchor and stay truly connected with this Life Force we begin to learn about the Power of our own Resonance as a tool for not only our own Evolution but also for the Evolution of Mankind.





The Living Systems Code VII of Liquid Nutrition: Vibrational resonance as a tool in consciousness expansion, evolution and the emergence of the Sacred Heart. Building our energy body.

VISION QUEST: Awakening the Hope Activist Within.

As we begin to become a part of the whole, we realize the power that our life has to be a force of change, to be a force of good.  We begin to realize that each and every single action has the power to shift our whole experience of life and therefore the experience that others have of us in our life together.  We are all interconnected.  The One affects the Whole and the Whole affects the One.

As our Sacred Heart unfolds, surrenders and emerges into the World, we begin to dedicate our life to others with a sense of deep respect for all sentient beings.  We begin to open up again to the nourishment and the beauty of life, to the gifts, magic, the mystical and the miracles that are constantly happening around us.

Can we begin to rebuild our Sacred temple?

Can we begin to recreate our inner sanctuaries and reclaim our Sacredness along the way?

Can we become a Living Sanctuary as a prayer for Peace?


Can we dedicate our life to the great unfolding of Peace on Earth?

How would you live if your own emergence of your Sacred Heart was a dedication to the World?

What kind of choices would you make?

What kind of choices wouldn't you make?

Can the sum of our single actions change the world?

RITUAL OF THE DAY: Gifting our density to the world of Spirit.

Please have your "Density Concoction" ready and thawed out for this practice.


In your own time, find a stream or a body of  moving water and release your 'density' away by gifting it to the waters so that they may have a space outside of your body and be recycled through this great wide web of the natural world.

When you are near the running body of water, please pause, connect with your breath and the inner space of stillness. Express your intention for gifting your Density away and gently release the contents of your "Density Concoction" into the waters.

I understand that you may not have time today to do this, please try to do so over the next 7 days. In the meantime, anchor into the space of it being released as I release mine into the moving waters in the above Vision Quest Video.

PRACTICE OF THE DAY:  Vows for Self Evolution Closing Ceremony.

Through our time together we have gained greater clarity about our current life state. We have dismembered ourselves to create a new foundation, we have gather the pieces of our hearts and stepped in the inquiry of what we would still like to carry forth and what we no longer need, we have brought greater awareness into our limited beliefs, into creating a clear road map to guide our journey forward, we then have stepped into the the Dream world to bring forth with us a clear vision of ourselves in the world.

Today's practice is one of commitment to all that we have journeyed over the last 7 days. It is by creating our own Vows for Self Evolution that we can really anchor our experience through this 7 Day Liquid Feast & Vision Quest deeper into our inner space of Truth.

This is your last exercise in our time together and one that consolidates it all. I invite you, one last time, to dive into your own revolution. Please download your Vows for Self Evolution practice for the day.

Once you have written your vows, please bring them with you if you are breaking the Feast & Quest on-site @ The Realign Ranch. If you are breaking the Feast & Quest in the comfort of your own space, please gift yourselves a few minutes today to connect with the space of stillness within yourself, to thank yourself for the journey and for all that has come to light in our time together.

I invite you, very much like we did with the Releasing of Density to Spirit Ritual, to gift your vows to the world by releasing them through burning them in sacred fire. We create a sacred fire by sanctifying the space with our intention to release the vows into the world of Spirit as a gift for our own Evolution.

Before you watch this video please make sure you have written your Vows for Self Evolution.



Please watch this video and please refer to your Pre Feast Manual pg. 32 for guidance on how to break the Feast and how to transition back into solid food.