Everything is the same, yet everything is so distinctively different. Isn't it?

You have done it!  How do you feel?

You, amazing you, have revolutionized your Heart, tapped into your Sacredness and answered your Call to freedom.  Each and every one of the tools shared along the last 7 days are tools that you can tap into and use for life.  They are all tools for alignment with our Sacred Heart, with our purpose, with the essence of who we really are and how we choose to express ourselves in the world.

Through the power of Awareness, we connect more deeply with our own Self and our own potential.  We are able to connect more deeply with the realm of the unspoken word, where it all is, peacefully just is.  We are able to connect more deeply with the Sacred realm whose language is only energy and love, the first intention that carries all action.  Through the power of awareness we are able to see our habits, our addictions, our thought processes, our actions and their consequences even before we have acted.  The more we choose and commit to creating and inviting awareness into our life, the more of an impact it will have.  It is the art of becoming our own witness, it is the art of raising our consciousness.

The expansion of our own individual consciousness and its transformation into Universal consciousness also taps into the sacredness and magical manifestations of this world.  It is really about aligning our whole body, mind, emotional, and spiritual system with Universal Consciousness.  Alignment, sounds so simple yet it is such a complex action.

By combining in synergy practices such as Liquid Feasting & Vision Questing we are able to connect and tap into our own innate wisdom, the wisdom of the 5 Elements, the land, the natural world, ultimately connecting through a journey of transformation to a deeper space of alignment of our Soul with Spirit or the God of our own understanding.

Our personal journey begins to harmonize our Nature, allows our Soul to develop spiritually and allows our Heart to embrace the Divine Grace of Spirit. As eco-philosopher Joanna Macy states, it allows us to come back to life. It allows us the ethical re-wilding of the Self, the acknowledgement of the Sacred within ourselves and the process of living a more authentic life.

The power of making our life our Spiritual Practice connects us back to creating the sacred space that holds all existence. This time it is not necessarily a space or a practice that has been given to us, but more so it is ours to choose, to develop, to commit to, and to explore. It is ours to create. It is ours to continue to show up to. For me, my Spiritual practice is the process through which I connect with Grace, with the God of my own understanding. It is the process through which I make sense of the world and the world makes sense of me. It is the process through which I connect deeply with my true voice, with my essence, with my core, and allow my Self to shine.

As you begin your own process of answering your call, you begin to create your life as your own Spiritual Practice, as there is an intimate relationship between the two. One cannot exist without the other, just like Soul and body cannot exist without each other.

May your journey continue to bring you into deeper places of alignment, into a deeper, more intimate relationship with your Self and those around you. May your journey be gentle and filled with compassion. May we embrace our own humanity and allow our Selves to shine.

One juice, one smoothie, one elixir at a time!

I thank you with all my being for taking this journey with me,

Until we meet again,

With love,

Naty Howard.