Day 1- Liquid Feast & Vision Quest:

The Power of the Elements.


“Right where you are, the potential of the universe is” 

— Alexandra Katehakis

Ayurveda is the hindu system of the sacred healing science of life, it has been around for thousands of years and it takes into consideration the individual as a whole, inclusive of our body, mind, emotional and spiritual systems. Ayurveda believes in the interconnectedness that exists between all, it is one of its founding principles. As is within, so is without. As is in the Macrocosms (the Universe at large), so is in the Microcosm (our individual lives). Everything affects everything else. Nothing exists in a vacuum, and all life is fluid.

Ayurveda believes that everything that exists was made of Five Elements in different ratios.  From the mountain, to the sky, to the Earth, to ourselves.  We all have these Five Elements within us. It makes us who we are, our constitution, our strengths and weaknesses and our characters, can all be traced to the Five Elements. Due to the evolution of the manifestation of the Elements into the world, Ether (space) is considered the original Element. Ether is the idea of sacred space or vessel within which all existence can unfold. All other Elements are different stages of densification of Ether and contain each other, as the process moves from subtle to solid.  A change in one Element affects the others.  The bonding of the Elements is what makes the universe emerge and exist.

The Five Elements from Ayurveda are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  Acknowledging them, connects us with our ancestral heritage and with the wisdom that has walked this earth before us. They activate the potential powers that are already present within us, within all that exists.  We begin to tap into the unseen world.  The world of energy and forces that are beyond our current understanding and awareness. As we begin to understand them, their expression within us and through us, has the power to become our compass, recalibrate our journey, and crack our Heart open.

Ayurveda also teaches us that along our journey of Alignment with Soul, we must learn to dance along to the rhythms of the Earth, the Moon & the Elements once more.

Tonight's Full Moon SuperMoon (New or Full Moon whose orbit is closest to the Earth) is the closest one to us since Sept 28th, 2015... and won't happen again till 2018!! It is a very special time, as SuperMoons are amplifiers of our energy fields and awaken us to higher potentials within ourselves and since we are diving within to do just that... well... kapow! Synergy's greatness is at play once again, and why not ride the cosmic wave of alignment in this cosmic dance?





LIQUID FEAST: The Living Systems Code of Liquid Nutrition. Liquid Nutrition is made of Raw Living Foods & Superfoods. Organic. It matters.

VISION QUEST: Alignment with Elements, the Moon & the Rhythms of the Earth.

RITUAL OF THE DAY: Creating Sacred Space within the boundaries of our own skin. Meditation as a tool for Alignment.


Our daily practices build us up, build our foundation and allow us to get to know ourselves more intimately. They allow us to continue to carve sacred space within us, and gift us with powerful insight into our journey. Today we will be using this tool for seeing where we are at, not from where we think we are at, but more so from a place of Soul guidance. Curious? Take a peek!

Archetypes for the Recalibrating of the Sacred Heart. Please download and make the time to practice.