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Fresh Pressed Juices: The Essence of Life Force.

“Food is a dynamic force that interacts with humans at the physical body level, the mind-emotional level, and the energetic spiritual levels.” 

— Gabriel Cousens, founder of the Tree of Life.


By choosing the type of dynamic force — and it’s state — that we activate our bodies with, in this case, Fresh Raw Living Juices — high in mineral and nutrient density, we activate the dynamic forces of assimilation, detoxification, purification, rebuild, repair, restore, rejuvenation, and regeneration within us that facilitate deeper nourishment to each and every one of our cells.


Fresh Raw Living Juices help us rebalance of any mineral or nutrient deficiencies that can be causing body, mind, emotional and spiritual imbalances thus further enhancing, balancing and supporting our physical and sensory health, and calming and facilitating a pure state within our bodies, a pure state of mind and emotions as well as having the power to enhance our Spiritual life.


When we Juice, we are literally extracting the essence out of the vegetables and fruits… which is in essence liquified sunshine.. pure LIFE FORCE.  Life Force is everything. It is the foundation of our existence and the quality of our existence.  Without it we cannot thrive, and we spend our life trying to recover it, but most of us are unaware that it is Life Force that we are in search of.  


Life force in food has the ability to affect the quality of the health of our bodies, our mind and emotions by transforming them into any one of the Three States or Three Gunas as they are known in Ayurveda. The Three States or Gunas are:

  • Sattvic—calm/peaceful/purity

  • Rajasic—activity/passion/process of change/ in action

  • Tamasic—dullness/darkness/inertia


Thus, Juicing has the power of affect and shape the quality of our life, the quality of our thoughts— our awareness— the quality of our experiences— our perspective— the quality of our health— our wellbeing— the quality of our relationships to self/ community/ environment, and Ecological responsibility—the awareness of the consequences of our actions.


The life force in food directly affects our consciousness, our awareness and our ability to transform our lives from an ego/individual life centred experience into a soul/heart/universal life centred experience.


Juicing as a tool for Radiant Health & Longevity 

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Juices, to fast or to feast? That is the question. 

The art of Juice Fasting is the action of juicing for one or more days in a row to allow our digestive systems to rest, thus allowing our bodies to use this now available energy to detoxify, repair, rebuild, rejuvenate, and regenerate itself. During a fast we usually consume a limited number of juices (between 4-5) that contain all we need to thrive, yet because we are totally infusing our bodies with this magical liquid source of nutrition, it has a more detoxifying effect on our bodies.  As well as, we may feel more tired, and feel a deeper need to slow down in all aspects of our lives.


The art of Juice Feasting is the action of juicing for one or more days in a row just like during a juice fast, but the difference is that we are infusing our bodies with large amounts of nutrient dense fresh raw living juice.  I usually will drink up to 4 litres of fresh raw living juice, 5 oz of wheatgrass diluted in 1 litre of water, 1 litre of detox lemonade (water with MSM, Vitamin C and lemon), and tea infusions.  So there is a lot going in, a lot flushing out, but I don't feel as tired as I would other wise.  I find that I am better able to cope with my worldly responsibilities, while still facilitating the cleansing action of a juice Fast.  Although I still recommend we slow down and support ourselves through this time, for those of us who must continue to engage with the world, this might be a better option.  We are all different and we must respect and get to know our bodies, and support our journey at the moment. 


The digestive process is one of the most energy consuming processes of our body, so when we Juice Fast or Feast, because our nutrition and sustenance are coming into us through a liquid form, our bodies are able to take the much needed digestive and overall physical rest.  Juicing can be done a day a week, for 7 days, 10 days, or really as many days as one desires. 


It is a good idea to juice fast one day per week, to slowly allow our bodies to detox, to allow our bodies a day of weekly rest, rebuild, rejuvenation.  I see it as insurance, prevention, and the recalibrating of my heart compass.  It is like pressing the reset button on our phones and allowing them to restore and to clear any corruption in their code.  Pressing the reset button for us is giving ourselves the benefits of resetting our foundation, the ground we stand within and upon, our Sacred Space within: our Living Sanctuary.  It is also recommended that we Juice Fast or F(e)ast at least once a month (in alignment with the New or Full moons if you wish to have a deeper connection with the Earthly Rhythms) and seasonally at the times of seasonal transitions such as the Equinoxes and Solstices.


Juice Fasting or Feasting is about allowing ourselves to make sense of our world, ‘processing and integration’ time, inquiry time, and come back to life with more balance, umph!, energy, passion, trust, and belief in our own abilities to make our dreams happen.


Juicing Fasting or Feasting allows us to re-centre ourselves, to ground, to focus, to re-connect with our true selves, to re-connect with our intuition and build a more solid foundation.  Having said that, if you are new to raw foods, or if perhaps the idea of a Juice Fast sounds just too far out for you right now, not to worry, simply start by adding Juices to your daily life, create and integrate the new Juicing Habit first into your life… and soon enough you will find yourself ready. Your body will guide you, trust in your intuition. 


It is a good idea to also consider slowing down our everyday ‘busyness’, turning off our electronic devices or using them less, taking a look at our everyday wear and tear when we are choosing to do a Juice Fast or Feast.  For some of it is possible to fully slow down, for most of us it is not as possible, and yes, wouldn’t we want to disconnect from all our Earthly responsibilities and greet Heaven on Earth at its door step for a day or two?… But maybe it is not just an all or nothing scenario. Maybe we can Juice Fast or Feast and take just a step back and slow down the speed of our lives on that/those day(s).  Maybe we just won’t watch TV on that day, or maybe we won’t spend all day connected to Social Media. Or maybe we won’t turn our phones on. Or maybe we will go for a walk in Nature.  Or maybe we will lengthen our meditation practice. Or maybe we will ask those dear ones nearby to take care of the laundry just for that day, or days…


Are there ways in which you can slow down your life as you gift yourself with a Juice Fast or Feast?


On a Juice Fast, we consume a limited number of Fresh Raw Living Juices to cleanse our whole body systems. They are a more cleansing protocol, and ideally we are able to slow our lives down enough to support the internal processes in all realms (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).


When we Juice Fast or Feast we also begin the process of quieting our minds, of connecting with greater clarity with our hearts and because of it we can begin to hear our Truth, but we also can begin to recognize the places within us were we still hold onto our traumas, our emotional wounds, our scars.  It is a completely NORMAL experience to re-visit some of these places within us as we quiet down and reconnect.  So please find compassion within you, create your sacred space where you can process and release all that is no longer serving you, be it emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual.  Journal, write those F.U. letters that no one else will read but that allow for that ‘stuck’ energy to free itself and burn it (safely) afterwards. Give yourself the space and the time to dive and create room for the dream you want to build. Clean house.  Reach out if you need to.  Recalibrate.  Trust.  It is the death of what no longer serves us in order to reclaim our Selves alive.  It is what in Shamanism is called dying while still being alive or the dark night of the Soul. A necessary process of our Evolution.

Juicing is a two way street.

Fresh Pressed Juices have the ability to both cleanse and rebuild our bodies at a cellular level.  They literally flushe our whole system with high nutrient density powers, cleaning at a cellular level, all that inner toxicity, and nourishing the cells with oxygen, high nutrients, and life force.  Liquid Nutrition (freshly made raw & living ) has the potential to rebuild our DNA and turn off disease gene expression.  Because raw food does both simultaneously, it cleanses and builds, I call it the cleansing/building dual action.  Because raw foods, in particular Liquid Nutrition, have the power to also repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate our bodies at a cellular level, it is truly pure synergy at work.  Can you begin to see why it has the potential to be the philosopher’s stone? 


We can then emphasize one action or the other depending on where we are on our journey.   A few suggestions we can use as tools are:

  •     we can introduce juice fasts into our lifestyle, as a way to deepen the cleansing action, 

    have deeper sense of spiritual purpose and clarity.

  •     we can introduce juice FEASTS into our lifestyle, as a way to deepen our rebuilding 

    action, feasting, bathing our bodies with nutrient density where mineral and nutritional 

    deficiencies are addressed. 

  •     we can use high dosages of super foods, probiotics, and food enzymes to go even deeper

    and force a major rebuilding, repairing, rejuvenating, regenerating change within our 


  •    we can juice fast just one day a week, to give our internal organs a break and let them

    focus on spending their energy on repairing and rebuilding.  

  •     we can add specific raw foods to rebuild, make more emphasis on super foods, sprouted     

    nuts, seeds, greens. 


Living Raw Foods are life creators and life regenerators because they have all the vital forces and elements needed for the body to sustain optimal functioning.  They contain all the vital enzymes, oxygen, hormones, phytochemicals, bio-electrical energy and life-force that we need to have superb wellbeing.   Life force means ‘the energy that is able to create life”.   Living Raw Foods have their Life force almost intact and thus transfer it to us when we consume them.  This Life force is a field of energy, not just physical accumulation of the right minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc. that builds upon our health, sustains, detoxifies and regenerates the whole body system into the future.  This Life force is what gives us that inner vibrancy and vitality that makes us shine and honours within us, the force that gives us Life.


When we juice we are distilling this ‘lifeforce’ into it’s essence, a liquid power shot of the vibrancy of life with the ability to express our highest and purest living potential!

'Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.'