I have always been an artist. Since my early days, you would always find me with pen, brush or camera at hand. Prior to diving into the world of Health & Wellness I worked as a photo-journalist and always painted. 
My work is available for sale. Please inquire. 


My work as a landscape painter brings forth the felt sense experience of the landscape. My paintings are large in scale. 


I am interested in exploring the body experience of the Landscape through the medium of acrylic painting, integrating the wild Canadian Landscape that is my present with the vibrant colours of my South American roots. 


These paintings are an answer to the call I feel towards ecological self-responsibility, sustainability and reconnecting people to the Spirit of the Earth and the inner space of Sacredness. I am inspired by the dramatic power of the Canadian landscape and the influence this has had over my own experience of connection to the worlds of Spirit and Nature. 


My work as a documentary photographer always follows the power of the human story to bring awareness about diverse social conditions.


It seeks to inspire the power that lies within the human potential for change and our connection to the world of Spirit.

I hold a BAA in Photographic Arts from Ryerson University. 

Currently available for purchase:

~ Su Mundo: La Mar, Venezuela

~ Images of India

~ Legally Deafblind

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