The Power of the Unseen World.

The unseen world exists beyond our current awareness that is perceived through our senses. The unseen world if the world of energy, is the world of the ethereal beings, of our guides, angels, power animals and so on. The very senses that in a way define our boundaries and limit our perceptions can also have the potential to guide us into being in connection and relationship with the unseen world and with these very powerful allies. 

Within us there are portals and vortexes, that as we journey inwards towards our own INVOLUTION being to open up, allowing us to access a deeper inner space of remembering. In the re membering of all the broken pieces of the Self, we come to also re member that we are more than just this body, we are more than just this temple: we are a Living Sanctuary and as such, we exist in relationship with the Universe and all the beings both seen and unseen realms.

The Unseen world is always in communication with us, for there is more to the Universal flow of consciousness that we do not yet know or understand. We are never alone, we are always guided... Yet can we quiet our minds enough and distill our hearts enough to listen to their whispers? The unseen world feeds the great wide web with it's energy, as all life exists in sacred interrelationship. 

Our ancient ones knew this, they communed with the elements, with the Moon and the Sun, with Mother Earth, with the beings of the unseen world— angels, guides, power animals— and deeply understood the need to always 'feed' the world in sacredness, for Sacredness is a state of being, the process of living in reverence that infuses a deep love and respect into every fibre of the great web, from our very core to the furthest star in our galaxy. 

Very much like an artist reaching our to the world of the imaginary to bring it back into the manifestation of their very artistic expression, we can clear the inner space of our temples enough to connect, to be in more conscious contact with the pulse of life, with the counterless beings who feed the magical web of life and be inspired by the wisdom they impart. As we embody the journey of Becoming Living Sanctuaries, we awaken more and more to the subtleties of the unseen world. 

The power of the unseen world lays on our own ability to stop, distill, quiet ourselves enough to listen. 

I invite you as we deepen our journey and our time together to gift yourself a quiet day in deep nourishment of the fullness of Silence and the gifts of insight it can provide. As we clear more and more the inner space of our Temples, as we surrender to the calling of our Hearts and allow for our own embodiment as Living Sanctuaries we also begin to tap into the art of becoming Hollowed Bone, the art of getting out of our own ways to allow for our highest potential to be expressed. 

The Power of Surrendering.


Sometimes life has a bigger plan for us.



And we keep getting in the way of our highest expression. The power of Surrendering is the power of trusting that we are guided to this expression of higher intelligence by the benevolent forces of consciousness. Surrendering is not giving in, is not dropping down into a place of unconscious non action, it not giving our power away to another, is not giving up.

Rather Surrendering is the Art of more consciously giving in, more consciously listening to our intuition & inner knowing and taking action in the direction that our Personal Truths are guiding us. Surrendering is a conscious place of action and non action sometimes, for they are equally as powerful. The Power of Surrendering evokes Trust from us, evokes coming into a deeper inner space of alignment with both the seen and non seen worlds, evokes that we open our Hearts to the inner space of Sacredness, evokes that we reclaim our personal powers and ultimately evokes that we gift our hearts and our journeys to the process of becoming whole. 

As we gift our hearts forth, we ourselves, BECOME the embodiment of our prayers. We ourselves become the living action that we seek.

 In Sanskrit, surrender is "samprada," meaning to give completely, or deliver wholly over. The Power of Surrendering lays in the art of living from a place of intuition, of connecting with our own personal powers as we trust in moment, in change and in the unknown.

Practice of the Day: Becoming Hollow Boned.

In becoming Hollow Boned, we must not only surrender but anchor into a deeper inner space of Trust. It is "easier"—if there is such a thing— to journey within, it is easier to stop, distill, listen, surrender if we connect internally with the space of Gratitude within. A tree that grows from a space of gratitude will gift a very different vibration into the world than a tree that is anchored in fear. The following exercise is a two tier process. First we will tap into the inner space of Gratitude, then we will do a guided journey into the Art of Becoming Hollow Boned.

So I invite you for today's practice to come back into your Sacred Space or to find a space where you will be un interrupted. Perhaps your favourite tree in the forest trails nearby is calling your name today. As always, spend a few minutes in Silence, take a few rounds of deep breaths, centre yourself. Then begin to dive into your practice of the day. 

Part I: Filling our Hearts. A practice in Gratitude.

Part II: Becoming Hollow Boned. A Guided Journey.