Need A Better Approach To Feeling


Do you feel like...

  • You’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work
  • Nobody really understands how you feel
  • There has to be a better way
  • You just want to feel better


If you feel sluggish, unable to loose weight, and generally unwell, your body is trying to tell you something. It’s not in you head. Those things aren’t normal.

Give your body the boost it needs with a juicing detox.

Whether you’re:


➢   New to detoxing or juicing

➢   Struggling with your gut, skin, or other symptoms


➢   Wanting to loose weight, or find your ideal weight


➢   Ready for a deeper healing and transformation


➢  Feel you want to shift your relationship with food 


➢   An advanced detox warrior looking to unleash the alchemy of wellness within you


➢  Ready to evolve your habits, recalibrate your heart, and, change your life

Mighty Detox will give you the tools, practices, inspiration and confidence you need to unleash your Wellness Warrior and power up your wellness journey.

You’re in the right place.


To rid your body of unwanted toxins and replenish the minerals it needs to thrive.

As Dr. Max Gerson stated it in the 1930's, disease stems from two (2) root causes: inner toxicity and mineral deficiencies.

Unless you address them both, not much will change in your symptoms, your challenge, or your desire for greater wellness and health.

The solution is in the juice and in the practices for deep inner healing you support yourself with while you juice!
Completely nutritious and delicious, fruits, vegetables, and superfoods.
By supercharging your dietary intake of vitamins and minerals naturally, you will gain more energy, sleep better, have a healthy gut, radiant skin, lose weight, and age well.  
Liquid nutrition is the fastest tool to address inner toxicity and mineral deficiencies. It will detox, repair, rebuild, rejuvenate and regenerate your body. It is the missing link in today's world of wellness.
Juices, smoothies and elixirs are the essence of life = vitality ready to ignite your health in a jar. Basking your body with this powerhouse of nutrition can only do one thing: get you feeling better faster. 
Superfoods will deepen and amplify and activate your healing by inundating your cells with high levels of nutrition, which is better than any medication.
Your gut is your second brain, it is also the seat of your immunity. Repairing and healing your gut is key to your health and a key step in your healing.
The superfoods I have put together for Mighty Detox will help you:
  • Detox #glyphosate
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Repair your gut
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Improve energy
  • Reduce cravings
  • Boost mood and immunity
  • Create lean muscle
  • Balance your hormones
  • Release weight
  • Beautify your skin
  • And help you getter a better sleep

Mighty Detox gets to the root of un-wellness and gives you the power to take control of your health with simple and natural ingredients.


Fruits, vegetables and superfoods are your body’s best defence for combating disease and many chronic issues most of us face daily. 

When you detox your body, you NEVER just detox only your body. 
You detox your heart, mind, relationship to self and others and if done consciously, you step into true alignment and integration of body, mind and soul.
By using guided practices for deep inner healing you will support your process of detox, accessing and dealing with the roots of emotional, mental, ancestral and even soul inner toxicity which are affecting your health today.
You are more than just your body.
You health is impacted by the health of your internal landscape, how nourished you feel by life and how you have been able to live in rhythm or not.
Mindfulness practices like meditation and breath-work help restore harmony in your body and bring coherence and peace to your mind.
When you build coherence in your mind, your whole system will shift into radiant health that much faster.
What has cracked your heart open needs to be healed and transformed so you can create space for inner freedom and aligned action.
Through Mighty Detox you will have safe guided practices for inner emotional healing.
The Practices for Deep Healing I have put together for Mighty Detox will help you:
  • ground and clear your mind
  • activate your healing
  • bring greater harmony and coherence into your life
  • transform the density and inner toxicity created by emotional trauma that lives in your tissues
  • make peace with your body
  • consciously align your actions towards building a strong and stable foundation for radiant health and longevity

Mighty Detox offers you 3 pathways/options to choose from so you can find the best approach for your own healing. 


Each one is designed to detox and rejuvenate your body while enabling you to develop healthy habits for the future.



1 - Easy Daily Detox with superfoods to boost your immunity, repair your gut, detox glyphosate and all the benefits mentioned above. This path is super easy to integrate into your existent daily life.

(30 days, 30 servings of superfoods)

2- 30-day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation to massively detox, nourish and rebuild your body while you cleanse your body of glyphosate, repair your gut, and amplify your health. Uses 2 months worth of superfoods in 30-days plus anti-parasite herbs. Transform your body. Change your life.

(30 days, 60 servings of superfoods)

3- Juice Feast Alchemy uses a 3 pillar system to detox not just your body, but also your heart, your mind, and your relationship to your self and others.

In our time together you will be unlocking the healing power of:

Liquid Nutrition, to supercharge your health, change the inner terrain of your body, bask your body with mineral density to nourish to detox and thrive. (You can add the superfoods to it to amplify your healing).


Mindfulness practices, to centre your mind, create space within you and around you to deepen your healing, learn to live in alignment with your body's rhythms, and awaken into sacredness.

Inner emotional healing, to access and transform the emotional root of the root of un wellness, to connect deeply with your inner wisdom and your purpose and reclaim the fragmented pieces of yourself.


Mighty Detox is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to detox, deepen your healing, centre your mind, recalibrate your heart, remember your wisdom and align with your Soul with your potential.  

Think of Mighty Detox as a liquid feast with superfoods (optional) and vision quest. A deeply transformational journey to orient yourself to thrive.

"Naty Howard came into my life at the right moment. Her program, Mighty Detox, helped me to take the time to listen to my inner voice, refocus on what matters, and reconnect with my purpose.


I love how integrated it is between the mind and the body and the spirit – just like how we are integrated as humans. Naty is wise and gentle, and I’m so pleased our paths have crossed. Looking forward to going on another journey with her soon."  

- Alice Irene Withaker



Heading 5
Upon registration:
You will receive an email confirmation for your purchase and depending on your pathway, you will receive a second email with access to the online portal where you will find your program manual, modules, links to FB group.
Unlock the healing power of liquid nutrition and superfoods so you can feel and be your best today. 
** Note: the Core 4 and Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Superfoods take anywhere from 4-7 business days to arrive on your doorstep.



Easy Daily Detox


  • Core 4 Nutrition (30 days, 30 servings of superfoods)

  • Weekly emails

  • Access to Fb group

Plus learn how to ignite your healing with:

BONUS 1: Unlock the Healing Power of Mighty Juice and Superfoods

BONUS 2: Crack the Living Systems Healing Code - Simple Biohacks to elevate your healing.

* Use code MightyDetox to receive 25%OFF

* Risk-Free 60-day

Money Back Guarantee.



Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation



  • Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) (30 days, 60 servings of superfoods) 

  • 3 different schedules

  • Recipe E-book

  • Daily support emails

  • Access to Fb Group

Note: if you are dealing or suspect heavy metal toxicity add Fulvic Zeolites to your oder.


Plus learn how to ignite your healing with:


BONUS 1: Unlock the Healing Power of Mighty Juice and Superfoods

BONUS 2: Crack the Living Systems Healing Code - Simple Biohacks to elevate your healing.

* Use code MightyDetox to receive 25%OFF. 

* Risk-Free 60-day

Money Back Guarantee



Juice Feast Alchemy 



  • Your choice of  3, 7 or 10 day juice feast or smoothie cleanse

  • Online Portal with 7 modules, Video Lessons + Guided Practices for deep healing + Self-reflection exercises

  • Program Manual (daily routines, liquid nutrition recipes, schedule, food shopping list)

  • Practice Lab (guided meditation, breath practices, yoga, self-care rituals)

  • Detox and wellness tips 

  • Daily emails

  • Access to Fb Group

Plus learn how to ignite your healing with:


BONUS 1: Unlock the Healing Power of Mighty Juice and Superfoods

BONUS 2: Crack the Living Systems Healing Code - Simple Biohacks to elevate your healing.



* Superfoods: Use code MightyDetox to receive 25%OFF.

* Risk-Free 60-day

Money Back Guarantee

*Note- this is a guided detox. But life get's busy sometimes, I get it. You will have the option to purchase your feast / cleanse from companies we love if you can't make your own.




"Working with Naty has helped me practice slowing down and feeling within. I feel lighter and a much greater knowing about what foods will truly nourish me. I intend to continue using what I have learned for grounded awareness. Naty's support and careful guidance has brought me to my sacred self, my sacred heart."

— Annie Lumley



I know how debilitating it can be to feel unwell and helpless to prevent what’s happening all at the same time. I too have struggled with a health challenge and detoxing saved me.
It was the one thing that actually reversed the high levels of toxicity that my body was struggling to get rid of. 
Since 2014 I have been helping others find the best path for their wellness journey. I have gently guided countless others  to find their inner peace, voice, purpose, and joy.
I can do the same for you. You can find your path to inner healing, strength, vitality, and improved wellness. 
Through my programs: healing circles (yoga), mighty detox (juicing/greens), coaching, and my book - Your Mighty Inner Healer. 
The time has come to choose change.
To choose health.
To choose the wellness warrior deep within you and ignite your own wellness revolution.
  1. Choose the detox pathway that’s right for you.
  2. Commit to following the program for 30 days
  3. Feel the best you have in years and learn practical habits that will set you up for a healthy life in the future. 
Detoxing Will Reset Your Body And Wellness Habits For Life
You will feel better and age gracefully.
  • Finally feel better
  • Shift your symptoms, and loose weight
  • Become aware of the power your choices and actions have, to either build health or build disease
  • Reclaim your Personal Power and Thrive
  • Ignite your Wellness Revolution
  • Inspire others into action
When you choose to get healthy, something magical happens.
You become an advocate for healthy living. When others see you looking and feeling your best, they’ll want the same.
Your Body Needs You.
Making healthy choices now to get rid of the toxicity within you and replenish necessary minerals will keep your body operating as it should for a long time.
Don’t wait for your wellness journey to change on it’s own. 
Take control of your health now.
Not sure which path is right for you?
Schedule a free 30 min call and I’ll help you discover which approach will help you get moving in the right direction. 

Questions your fellow Mighty Detoxers have asked before choosing their pathway

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options and my ability to do this. Are you sure I can do this?

I offer the four pathways to be able to support everyone where they are at. The most important action you can take is to be honest with yourself, are you only able to support yourself with a gentle daily nourishment and detox right now? Or are you ready to dive deep as you recalibrate and evolve? Your why, your what and the amazing Mighty Detox community will serve you as an anchor for you to commit to your process. You can do this.

What foods does Mighty Detox focus on or eliminate?

A: Mighty Detox focuses on eating a whole food based diet and on the use of superfoods and liquid nutrition for deep healing. It is your choice to follow a plant based diet, raw food diet or include animal protein into your meals. We focus on the law of abundance of whole foods and the law of addition, which support your feeling of deep nourishment. If using the superfoods, it is advisable to be plant based during the mid 10-days of your process as to further support cellular regeneration. But know that your detox is a process. If you can’t commit to being fully plant based for those days, that is ok. As long as the choices you are making today are getting you closer to your goals (without self-sabotage) you are on the right path. Food is connected to our emotional and mental wellbeing, and it is often a trigger for our patterns. Mighty Detox allows you to see into your habits, patterns and consciously, choose what is serving you and let go of what is not, so you can evolve. Through the Juice Feast & Vision Quest pathway we work on the wellness warrior mindset. Mindset is key to your success and ability to transcend old patterns.

Do I have to be Vegan?

A: you don’t. Though the superfoods are vegan, organic, non-gmo.

Do you supply recipes?

A: Heck yeah! Mighty detox comes with a juicy Recipe Book to support your process. You will find pre-cleanse recipes to ease into your detox, detox recipes (cooked and liquid nutrition recipes) and post-cleanse recipes to ease out of your detox.

Do you supply the juices?

A: No. My intention with Mighty Detox is to give you the tools to make your own, and offer you the wisdom you need to reclaim your relationship with food, your body and your relationship to yourself. When you make your own, you begin to change that relationship. Having said that if your life is too busy to juice yourself, there are a few amazing companies that deliver juices right to your door. If you live in Canada, xxx will be able to help you, and if you are in the States, xxx will be there for you. Use code xxxx to receive your discount. If you don’t even have time to cook whole-food meals, look into

What will I eat?

Pathway 1: Daily nourish and detox with Core 4 Superfoods Regular whole food meals three times per day, plus whole food snacks. You will be adding your superfoods just once a day to nourish and gently detox your body. Pathway 2: Deep Transformation with the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation You have three (3) different schedules to choose from, which will vary your meal options. Full details here. Use code AwakenIntoSacredness if you are ready to purchase, so you can receive 25%OFF Pathway 3: Recalibrate your inner compass with the Juice Feast & Vision Quest Ease into the JFVQ with whole foods, as you get closer to commencing the JFVQ shift into a light whole food diet, during the mid 10 days, you will choose how long you want to feast with liquid nutrition for (3 - 10 days) then ease out again with a light whole food diet and transition into a whole food lifestyle. Pathway 4: Complete evolution with the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and the Juice Feast & Vision Quest A combination of pathways 3 and 4. But overall, whole food diet, and using liquid nutrition to more rapidly transform your body.

Will Mighty Detox help my meditation practice?

Yes, but only if you commit to doing it. Mighty Detox cleanses the sense organs, allowing you to have greater clarity and insight into yourself, your habits, your life. When our sense organs are clearer, our mind is better able to anchor into stillness and you will be able to more easily tune into the healing ‘space’ within you. But like anything, the work only works when you work it!

What are some Detox symptoms and what can I do about them?

It all depends on your inner toxicity, but some detox symptoms may include: nausea, tiredness, lightheadedness, bloating, gas, headaches, lethargy, temporary muscle aches, mucus or other discharge, a coated, pasty tongue, irritability, among others. But this is what I have found, the more nourished your body is the less symptoms you will have, and if you have them it is because both the superfoods and the liquid nutrition are cleansing your body at a cellular level. What can you do about it? LOTS! First, make sure you are drinking a gallon of water a day!, yes. A gallon of water. Second, use water enemas, colon hydrotherapy to support your body’s detox journey. They both will assist you in passing the toxicity out of your system faster and can bring you much relief if needed.

Are there any guided practices? Should I do them?

The different pathways offer you different support when it comes to guided practices. Yes, do them, they are meant to support your journey, centre your mind and recalibrate your heart so you can emerge living a greater quality of life.

Why are the superfoods so expensive?

They are and they aren’t. These superfoods are functional foods, filled with dense nutrition to repair, support and change your body at a cellular level. They are grown in soil that is rich in volcanic ash, making them even more nutritious and when you break it down, the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation only costs you $10.50US per day. If you look at your day, tell me, how are you spending your $10.50 today? Because most likely you are. :)

Will I lose weight?

Even though this is not a weight loss program, most people loose weight during the Mighty Detox and are able to keep most of the weight off, once they return to a whole food lifestyle.

I am pregnant or nursing, can I detox?

NO. And I am very firm with that. Wait until you are done nursing to begin to detox. And at that moment I would begin to add the Core 4 Superfoods to your days, for at least a month, and then pursue a Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) and/or the Juice Feast & Vision Quest path.

I am on medication. Can I still detox?

You can do pathway 1 (Core 4 Superfoods) no problem, but please consult with your doctor if you want to choose any of the other options.