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I am a  Shamanic Practitioner, a certified QRA ™️ Practitioner, a certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, holds a certificate in Ayurvedic Living Nutrition and a BAA in Photographic Arts. I am also a multidimensional artist working in the media of landscape acrylic painting and documentary photography. 


As the founder of Sacred Yoga Spirit Medicine, I teach Living Nutrition, Yoga, and Shamanism as well as New and Full Moon Sacred Yoga Circles. Having healed myself from severe chemical toxicity, I now share my roadmap to wellness with others by guiding numerous in person and online programs such as Mighty Detox, The Power of Liquid Nutrition, Howling at the Moon, ReWild into Sacredness, Your Mighty Inner Healer and Unleash Your Mightiness Masterclass.


My work and passion are anchored in the awareness that every breath and every action are an opportunity to transform. I offer classes and workshops to awaken into Sacredness, come back into alignment of Body, Mind and Soul through deep reverence. I offer tools and practices for those who seek to power up their health, ignite their transformation and spark their revolution, that are anchored in Earth and ancestral wisdom.


At my home, The Realign Ranch, I have created The Mandala Garden, my expression and action towards self-sustainability, as well as a space where I hold workshops and other events. The Mandala Garden is an organic garden and a Living Sanctuary, a space of deep healing, a space of coming back to one’s Self and for reconnection with the Earth. 


I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Canada in 1991. I currently resides in Uxbridge, Ontario with my husband Noah and three kids, Louie, Theo and Ezra.

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