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Online Courses allow you to ignite your transformation and your healing from the comfort fo your home. You can find courses liquid nutrition, detox, and yoga classes. These courses have been carefully crafted to serve your healing journey and to spark your revolution.


Detoxify and bask your body with fresh raw juices and smoothies, in combination with powerful mindfulness practices and rituals.


This program is a 3 or 7-day guided liquid feast, that uses mindfulness and self inquiry to deepen and anchor the healing process.

A total reset of body, mind and Soul.

Power up your health as you ignite your life into mightiness.

Detox your body, rejuvenate your Soul.


Learn all about the power of Liquid Nutrition as you transform your health.

Through this 9-module course you will learn about the healing power and medicine of the three pillars of liquid nutrition: juices, smoothies & elixirs.

You will learn about the living code of liquid nutrition, how to use liquid nutrition to nourish your body, address both toxicity and mineral deficiencies and build your immunity.

How will liquid nutrition transform your life?

How will it ignite your wellbeing?


Yoga allows us to clear the Samaskaras (imprints of the mind).

It creates the right conditions in our bodies to Unite our Minds and our Hearts through Sacred Action into the world.

It is a practice through which we awaken to the Inner space of Sacredness within— Soul— and the flow of Grace or Consciousness through us.

Detoxify your body through this practice, as you create space for your potential to emerge.

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