Through our online courses & live workshops

you will be able to:

Connect deeply with the inner space of Vibrancy, Wholeness & Well-Being you know you can feel

Harness the Healing Power of Living in Sacred Reciprocity

Reclaim your Personal Power and Thrive!

reconnect to your sense of Self and sense of Self in the World as you Recalibrate our Heart compass

Live a more authentic, coherent, healthy, radiant, meaningful life

Inspire others to walk their inner path to Happiness

"Spirit Speaks Apprenticeship was the exact answer I needed to help ground me and bring me back to my raw roots. 


Throughout the course, Naty guided me to activate everyday items that I can use to connect with Spirit— through my own Mesa Altar— and how everyone has the ability to travel deep within themselves for answers. 


Naty's wonderful support and teachings have helped me carve out sacred space and greater clarity in my life, and will further drive me to rediscover my true sacred heart.


I am so blessed that our paths crossed when they did".


Rebecca Raines

"Thank you Natalie! 


You are a beautiful soul who is passionate about helping others gain an understanding about the importance of what we put into our bodies. 


You speak beautifully and in depth about the art of juicing and how it benefits and heals us from the inside out. 


You are a wealth of information and I love that you are so accepting of everyone, no matter where we are on our journey towards better health. 


I am so grateful to have you in my life!"


Julie Tibbles

"Spirit Speaks was an absolutely magical and transformative apprenticeship. Naty's energy is beautiful and she creates a very positive and safe learning environment.


I didn't really know what to expect entering this 5 week apprenticeship, however I came out with a lot more than I thought I would.


I was looking for the next step in my path and this popped up on Instagram, so I just went for it! It doesn't matter if you don't have a particular intention going into this workshop because under Naty's guidance, I can guarantee you will come out of the workshop in a better place or with new information and tools to continue moving forward in your journey while connecting to the natural energies around us.


Thank you Naty for a beautiful and memorable experience!"

Bianca Azgin

Join me in person or online for deeply transformative yoga classes into the heart of Soul. 
In person: 

5 ELEMENTS YOGA FLOW Tuesdays 9.30-10.45am @Yoga Yurt. Register Here.


Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether combine to make each and everyone of us, who and what we are. They are the foundation of our bodies and our experience. The more we get to know them and how they flow through us or not, the more we get to co-create a stronger and happier foundation to live the life that calls us.


Join Naty for a 6-week pre registered 75min 5 Elements yoga flow class. Each week we will focus on a particular element through Yoga, pranayama (breath patterns), teachings from the sacred medicine altar that holds our space together and mindfulness practices. Week 6 is an integrative practice.


Bask in the power of the Elements, anchor into your centre and spark your revolution.


Next 6-week journey begins Nov 5th. Register now @ Yoga Yurt. 


Investment- $127* pre-registered

PRANALISCIOUS & MEDITATION WORKSHOP | Wed. Dec 4th 7-9pm @YogaYurt. All levels. 
The ancient yogis used breath practices to activate the healing and transformative power of their bodies. Breath brings Life Force energy, coherence and harmony into our body temple, and has the ability to release toxicity and emotional trauma stored deep in our cells. 
Meditation is a practice used to anchor the mind in the body, come back into the present moment and restore harmony within. 
In this 2 hr workshop I will teach you pranayama (breath practices) and meditation practices for deep healing and awakening into sacredness. 
~ Yoga Detox Flow,  1h20min class + Ritual of Detox pdf worksheet
~Howling at the Moon, 6-week yoga + ritual journey in alignment with the Moon. 
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