In order for us to heal, in order for us to anchor into a deeper space of Health, Sacredness and Wholeness it is important that we pause, that we gift ourselves the opportunity to of Stillness in order to gain clarity of the current state of our embodiment.

This Foundational Sacred Living Program is an 9 day program that includes a 3 Day Detox. It is by immersing ourselves in this Brave New World and gathering new & old tools for our journey that we can truly transform and transcend our current conditions.

This is no ordinary Detox as we will dive deep into the boundaries of our skin to truly release what is no longer needed and create a new, more solid foundation from where to shine a little brighter through the art of vision questing.


Through this foundational Sacred Living Program you will:

  • Pause, detoxify, ground, reset, rebuild, regenerate, rejuvenate & recalibrate our whole body system
  • Deepen your wisdom on the Art of Juicing & Juice Feasting
  • Create a strong foundation from where to shine a little brighter
  • Tap within and create the Sacred Space necessary to activate lasting change
  • Use the Art of Vision Questing as a tool for awareness, transformation and deepening of our journey of Self Evolution
  • Be inspired with the Power of your Own Revolution.



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3 Day Mighty Detox

  • Our Apologies. There are no returns or refunds on this program.

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