5 Elements Yoga Flow Classes

75 min ( 6 week preregistered weekly class)


Yoga is the path of Union between our Minds, Hearts, Souls with Spirit— with the great Source of the Universe: Consciousness itself. What we know of Yoga in the West is the Asana practice that was meant to clear the body of any density, toxicity, burdens so we could sit in meditation and open up to Grace.


Breath is the vehicle for our bodies to commune with this Consciousness, with the pulse of life that moves through us. Through this 6 week journey into the heart of Yoga we will use the power of the Elements with the Asana Practice to tap into a deeper space of Grace within our bodies. 



Begins again Tues. Nov. 5th. 9.30-10.45am


Location: Yoga Yurt

Investment: $127.00


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5 Element Yoga Flow Classes~ 6 week pre-registered