During each week we will dive into the Power of the Elements, we will Shamanically Journey into our current relationship with the Element and open up to the awareness of what is needed at this time in our personal lives through Self Inquiry. By coming into deeper alignment with the Elements, we can harness a deeper space of Harmony within ourselves, for we are made of all the 5 elements.

The Process of Alignment with Soul is one through which you will learn the language and the forms through which Spirit constantly Speaks. 


You will be building your own Shamanic Pachakuti Mesa (altar) during our time together. The Mesa or Altar is an elemental cosmo vision map of the Creation Process and our own process of Creation into the World. 

Each week will be spent coming into relationship with one particular Element. We will work with pranayama, toning and oral teachings to further align our elemental nature, to the cosmic nature.


This Shamanic Apprenticeship will take place @YogaYurt, as a weekend immersive.


Session 1:Honouring the Earth, Kissing the Ground

Session 2: Flowing Waters, Trusting Soul

Session 3: Learning to fly again, Mindful Movements of Air & Honouring Spirit

Session 4: Shapeshifting with Fire, Awakening the Heart 

Session 5: The Rainbow Bridge, Ether & The Thin Spaces in Between


Through this weekend immersion series you will:

  • Learn about the South American Mesa Tradition of Shamanism
  • Learn how to build your own Mesa
  • Learn and dive into the Power of each one of the Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) for deep healing, awareness, and their potential to activate within us the necessary shifts for our transformation
  • Immerse into the power of weekly Shamanic Journeys in alignment with the Elements and weekly integration exercises for harnessing the transformational power these allies can activate within us
  • Immerse into the power of mindfulness as tool for accessing the inner space of Sacredness
  • Create a stronger foundation for well being in sacred reciprocity and relationship with the world beyond the Veil where Magic & Medicine reside.


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Spirit Speaks~ Sacred Medicine Shamanic Apprenticeship.

  • - You will receive a welcome email with the link and password to our Sacred Online Space

    - At our Sacred Online Space you will find your 65 pg. Program Manual. Please read the Intro prior to our time together. 

    -Please gather and bring the materials & items requeted on pg 13 of the Program Manual to our first class together.


    This is a 5 week pre registered series. 


    ** by purchasing this product you agree with our terms & conditions, privcy policy & disclaimer.