Are you ready to take the risk to heal yourself? Are you ready to power up your health, ignite your transformation and reclaim yourself? 


Join Naty Howard, sacred healer, wellness warrior and author of Your Mighty Inner Healer, for her upcoming book launch tour date at the Yoga Yurt.


On this high-vibe event Naty will share with you her 3 pillars system for wellness, give you tools + practices to heal yourself deeply, reclaim your power, freedom, purpose, your soul treasures and the possibility of unleashing your mightiness through ritual and ceremony. 


The wisdom Naty shares is the result of her journey of reclaiming her health after a crisis resulting from heavy metal toxicity. Whether you are faced with a health crisis requiring you to embark on a healing journey, or would simply like to deepen your well-being, this book will change your life. 


1 book copy, workshop and book signing included in cost of ticket.

Workshop Your Mighty Inner Healer Book Launch @Yoga Yurt, Sat. April 18th, 7-9pm

  • Please bring your receipt as proof of purchase. 

    We are so excited for our time together!