Through my healing journey from extremely elevated levels of Heavy Metal Toxicity, I have become a Wellness Warrior, and I now guide others into greater alignment with their health and their potential through wellness warrior workshops,1:1 coaching and offering Quantum Health Assessments. 


Are you ready to heal & transform? Are you ready to be a wellness warrior?

Are you ready to:

  • Connect deeply with the inner space of Vibrancy, Wholeness & Well-Being you know you can feel?

  • Reclaim your Personal Power and Thrive!

  • Live a more authentic, coherent, healthy, radiant, meaningful life

This 1:1 Wellness Warrior Coaching program is a 6 month program with me. 

It includes: Quantum Health Assessment, guided 3 pillar system for wellness: Liquid Nutrition, Mindfulness Practices & Self-inquiry processes. 

We meet in person or via zoom for 1 hr every 2 weeks. Each time we meet we will focus on a different element of your wellness, a dif. practice, a different tool to ignite your health and wellbeing. 

You will also have access to your Sacred Online Space where you will find weekly wellness resources and guided self-inquiry practices to elevate your health.

Schedule a call to inquire if this program is right for you. 


Your health is the state of harmony in your body. For a lot of us, it is a journey full of mystery illnesses, and symptomology that may not fit in the current health box of diagnosis.

Quantum Health Assessment uses Quantum Reflex Analysis TM  (QRA TM) to effectively and comprehensively identify with pin point accuracy:

  • Toxic load

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Special immune specific requirements

  • Over-looked interference fields linked to chief complaints

QRA TM features the use of a modified Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, originally popularized by Dr. Y. Omura in Tokyo and perfected by Dr. Robert Marshall, PHD.

Through a Quantum Health Assessment you will get to the root cause of your symptomology and be able to support your body's healing journey with cell resonant supplements that will rapidly build vitality and strengthen your system.

Investment: $125 per 1 hr. session


Disease can express itself in millions of ways, but it has two root causes: chemical toxicity and mineral deficiencies. The more you address both, the better your health and wellness will be. 

If you want to change your health, you have to change the inner terrain of your body and your mind, and you must address the inner layers of chemical toxicity we all have.

As you know chemical toxicity is one of the root causes of so many of the diseases affecting our gut and our health today from inflammation, to auto-immune diseases, to hormonal dysfunction, candida, and the list goes on.

In today’s world the fastest way to address these is through using liquid nutrition and in particular supporting our remineralization and detox with organic, vegan, non-gmo high quality superfoods.

These products have been intentionally created to rid your body of the chemical toxicity that affects us all in today’s world (especially glyphosate (round up), pesticides, and GMO effects on our guts.) They contain essential nutrients to holistically help you transform your health and well-being. Nourish and detoxify your body with vegan protein, alkalizing greens, antioxidant-rich fruits, and gut repair & protection.


Detoxify and bask your body with fresh raw juices and smoothies, in combination with powerful mindfulness practices and rituals.


This program is a 3 or 7-day guided liquid feast, that uses mindfulness and self inquiry to deepen and anchor the healing process.

A total reset of body, mind and Soul.

Power up your health as you ignite your life into mightiness.

Detox your body, rejuvenate your Soul.


Learn all about the power of Liquid Nutrition as you transform your health.

Through this 9-module course you will learn about the healing power and medicine of the three pillars of liquid nutrition: juices, smoothies & elixirs.

You will learn about the living code of liquid nutrition, how to use liquid nutrition to nourish your body, address both toxicity and mineral deficiencies and build your immunity.

How will liquid nutrition transform your life?

How will it ignite your wellbeing?

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