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Are you ready to take the risk to heal yourself?

Your Mighty Inner Healer offers you a roadmap to wellness and a call to action. Whether you are faced with a health crisis requiring you to embark on a healing journey, or would simply like to deepen your well-being, these practical tools will guide you to spark your own healing revolution into wellness: ​​​

>>  Tools to build your own solid foundation for health and the 3 root causes of disease 

>>  How liquid nutrition can let your inner shine glow

>> 108 recipes to boost your health and a one-day guided mighty detox 

>>  A new understanding of the art of mindfulness, plus 13 practices 

>>  Pathways to deeper inner questing, including 4 self-inquiry exercises 

>>  The power of your own revolution and more…

The wisdom Naty shares is the result of her journey of reclaiming her health after a crisis resulting from heavy metal toxicity.


Ultimately the healing journey is not just about re-claiming your health, it is also about reclaiming your power, freedom, purpose, your soul treasures and the possibility of unleashing your mightiness.

“If you don’t understand the absolute need to detox your body, increase your nutritional intake and develop a more integrated way of living in better balance within yourself as well as with the Earth, this book will set you on the right path of healing and wholeness.

Enjoy and empower yourself to thriving and living raw and juicy!”


— Ingrid Cryns, Registered Psychotherapist and Eco Architect

“Naty’s absolute intention to be a clear vessel in this world on all levels has allowed her to transform her difficult journey into a mastery that will assist you in your transformation through her gentle words in her amazing book —Your Mighty Inner Healer. Her story is one of hope, courage, remembrance, and transformation that will uplift your heart and encourage your soul.


—Cindy Mahealani Sellers-Founder Angel Farms Cleanse, Author-You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore. Speaker, recording artist, Nutritionist, Iridologist, Spiritual Healer

Are you ready to power up your health,

ignite your transformation

& reclaim your Self? 

Pre-order now & get my Radical Self-care workshop for free!

Here is what you will get in this free online workshop:

>> Key practices to ignite your mighty inner healer

>> How to use non-negotiables to reclaim your Self

>> How to make delicious adaptogen based Elixirs that will keep you grounded, healthy & radiant.

>> Guided Yoga Flow

>> Self-inquiry PDF handout

** workshop link will be sent to you April 2020

unleash your mightiness


About Naty

Naty Howard is the founder of Yoga Spirit Medicine and author of Your Mighty Inner Healer.


She is a Sacred Healer & Wellness Warrior. She is a Yoga Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, and teaches Living and Liquid Nutrition Workshops, guides New & Full Moon Sacred Yoga Circles & the Mighty Detox online program.  

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