Hey it's Naty, 

I am the author of Your Mighty Inner Healer, energy medicine healer and founder of Yoga Spirit Medicine. 

I know what you are thinking, how does a photojournalist and artist end up in the world of healing? Well, long journey, but a short story.

My journey through extreme levels of heavy metal toxicity causing painful numbness on the right side of my body (from my years in the darkroom and using artist materials), lead me to awaken the healer within me, and now guides me forward to be able to support you, guide you and hold space for your own healing to unfold. 

Healing is non-linear, I get it. But there are proven ancient practices that will allow you to become your own healer and go deeper into your process to come back to living in harmony, radiance and fully embodied. 

Your journey to wholeness and radiant longevity will demand that you upgrade your habits and step into your evolution, actually, it will demand you become your own revolution. 


The way is "in and through". You have the ability to unlock your best self and discover this brave new world. 

I am here to guide you through a proven roadmap to wellness, to honour your body, anchor your mind, nourish and detox at all levels, transform your story and awaken to your power. 

If you are looking to deepen your healing, start by getting a copy of my book Your Mighty Inner Healer and receive the 5-Step Roadmap To Awaken Your Inner Healer Free Resource. It will change everything. 

Once you know where you are standing, and you understand the tools you have to get you to your vision a clear path of action opens up that will allow you to be your own revolution.

And if you are ready for more then join me for,

Detox Secrets Masterclass ~ discover the detox secrets to reclaim your body.

Mighty Juice ~ ignite your healing with the power of liquid nutrition.

Mighty Detox ~ reset your mind, body and soul.

1:1 Awakened Healer 6 months Mentorship ~ be supported along your sacred journey to remember your soul wisdom and reclaim sovereignty of your body.



Healing Circles ~ start your sacred journey to inner healing for a deeper connection within. Take place on the New and Full Moons @ The Yoga Yurt.

Energy Medicine Healing Sessions ~ transformative shamanic healing sessions with me, either in person or via zoom.


Above all, choose to begin. Big things happen for those who work with me. 

I look forward to getting to know you,

Naty xo

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