5 Steps To Awaken The Healer Within

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How smooth has your rollercoaster ride been?

If it is anything like mine, I kissed the ground running a few times, had several dark nights of the soul before I awakened to my power to choose to walk a different path, one of with greater awareness, self love and self compassion, through which I learned about the ancient and modern pillars and steps that had the ability to bring congruence and harmony into my ride.

We are all unique, with unique bodies made of the 5 elements that lead us to have unique constitutions at birth and a unique pathway back to that constitution shall we have fallen out of balance. 


Step 1: Honour your unique body. 

Come into relationship with your body, rather than ownership of it. To fall in love with the Earth in you, and offer yourself the Ritual of Self-care that will bring you back to living in alignment with your inner rhythms, heal the form/structure that holds who you are.


Step 2: Anchor your mind (individual mind) and heart.

Fold inwards as you learn to flow again, surrender, and bow to what has cracked your heart open, for it is the same path that has allowed the light in. As you anchor your mind and find refuge in your heart, you begin to weave yourself into wholeness.


Step 3: Nourish to detox all aspects of your being.

Bask yourself in the beauty of life to let go of what limits you, what keeps you stuck, what has become an obstacle or challenge in your life. What is the quality of nourishment you offer yourself? As you nourish yourself, you also begin to draw the senses within, you begin to sharpen them, you will gain incredible clarity of mind and heart. 


Step 4: Transform your Story.

With your newfound clarity of mind and heart, you have an opportunity to understand and look at your ‘Story’ differently. Having created safety and refuge in your body, you are now ready to dive into the world of shadow, as you transform and transmute both personal and ancestral trauma and ignite the 3 sacred fires within.


Step 5: Root into the sacred space within, the space of soul, as you awaken the healer within.

In this last step, you become more deeply seated in the Self, you begin to become your own revolution, your own master weaver of all 5 Elements, 5 portals and gateways of deep healing. 

It is here, at the centre of the self healer’s spiral, that you arrive at the wholeness you have been seeking, this is the core of your core, your spiritual centre for becoming more of whom you have always been, away from the constructs of the mind, away from your story, away from your trauma.

This is the space of your true nature, your essence.

Each step is in alignment with an element, an animal guardian and a multidimensional portal of healing. 


If you want to learn more about the Self Healer Path about how to walk your roadmap to wholeness using these 5 steps, schedule a 20 min. discovery call with me. In our time together I will explain how the path is the roadmap to reclaim your Self, how it can support you and how when we work 1:1 through this process, big things happen. 

Tell me, are you aware of these steps? Yes, no? If you were, which step are you walking? And if you weren’t, are you ready to begin?

Though your story has shaped you, you have within you the power and the wisdom to deepen and transform your healing journey, claim a deeper connection within and awaken the Power Of Your Sacred Medicine to be a source of healing in the world and create the impact you desire.

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