Let me guide you along your journey
to reclaim yourself, your body and your soul.

Recalibrate your inner compass to reclaim your voice and your power.

A combination of shamanic energy healing, toning, breath work and shamanic journeying that allow you to bring you back into alignment, harmony and balance. 

Each session will be spent coming into alignment with each one of the 5 Elements that make you who you are (Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Ether).


When one of these elements is out of balance, it causes our bodies to shift into disharmony and disease. 


Earth is the portal to physical healing. Water to emotional healing. Air to spiritual healing. Fire to mental healing and Ether to healing your relationship to Soul.


Whatever you may be facing, it affects all of the 5 bodies and therefore must be addressed through the 5 elements for a deeper healing and shift to occur.

Book 1 session ~ $125

Harmony package~ book 5 sessions at once $500 (save $75)

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With any journey, we must know where we are standing and where it is we want to go. What is your current obstacle or challenge?


What is holding you back? And what is your vision? What desires are calling your forward?

If you are ready to own your story, evolve your habits, deepen your healing, transform your life and claim your truth this is for you. Our time is an investment in your potential so you can live an awakened healthy life through aligned action, and ultimately reclaim your Self and your freedom.

I only work with individuals who are committed to their healing journey and ready to take action. If this is you, schedule a free 30minute consultation today.

Big shifts happen when people gift themselves the opportunity to pause and feel in a sacred safe space. These conversations aren't for everyone. 

* 6 months or 1 year coaching sessions plans only.

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The time has come to take massive sustainable action towards building your  health,

one that encompasses your body, heart, mind and soul.