A practical guide to ignite your wellness revolution

This book is simply your roadmap to help you find & unlock what is already

within you.

Before I Tell You All About This Life-Changing Book, Let’s Talk About Who This is Really For…

You’re a Wellness Warrior.


You desire to feel good and stand in radiant health. You are searching for a deeper healing, and for a path that will lead you to feel whole, balanced, in harmony, centred and empowered.


You crave to belong to yourself again, and you are seeking for the right tools to get you there.

Whether you:

>> are brand new to your wellness warriorship, are feeling overwhelmed and stuck in your challenge and are looking for answers that will help you transform your body towards thrive


>> have already been walking your path to greater wellness and have integrated some changes that already allow you to feel healthier and more radiant from the inside out, but are looking to deepen your process so you can fully reclaim your life


>> have already awakened the healer within you, but want to deepen your wisdom and have more tools and resources so you can live in greater freedom, aligned with your deepest desires and purpose

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how ‘Your Mighty Inner Healer~ power up your health, ignite your transformation and reclaim your Self’ will give you the key pillars, tools, inspiration and answers to support your journey of transforming your body and changing your life.

You have within you the capacity to face everything and rise.



  • Understood the root causes of disease, and are now ready to use the three (3) key pillars of wellness to create a stronger, more integrated foundation for health


  • Discovered the healing power of liquid nutrition and detox to help you glow from the inside out, transform your body and change your life


  • 108 recipes to boost your health and a one-day guided mighty detox


  • Centred your mind with a fresh perspective on the art of mindfulness practices and been inspired by 13 practices to help you address your inner most fears and transform the story you have looped on auto-play


  • Stepped into your power and recalibrated your heart with self-inquiry exercises, rituals and ceremonies

  • Awakened your inner healer, shifted your relationship with your challenge and your Self as you now are ready to ignite your wellness revolution!

 book reviews

"Anyone who has the good fortune to learn from Naty and be guided by her knowledge will enjoy a tremendous benefit to their health, outlook and lifestyle."

Meghan Telpner

Author, Nutritionist

Founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition

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What are other people saying about this Mighty Book?

“If you are struggling to reclaim your own health, or simply want to ramp it up to a new level of vibrancy, this book will change your life.”

Janet Matthews

Canadian Co-author of Four Canadian Chicken Soup for the Soul Books




In order to change your challenge and uplevel your wellness, you need to understand the reality of your current foundation, and the changes you need to make to create the foundation for health that you need to experience the levels of health and wellness you desire to live your best life.


You will discover the power of alchemy to ignite your wellness journey and have a clear understanding of your roadmap to become your own revolution.



>> Root causes of disease + three (3) pillars for wellness

>> Toxicity + remineralization in the 21st Century

>> Tools, tips and tricks for healthy gene expression

>> The need for everyday rituals in the modern era

>> Power up your health



Life expresses itself through systems, systems that will either build your path to greater health or greater disease. 


Learn about the ancient system of Ayurveda, the healing science of India, and discover your unique constitution, the health of your inner terrain, and how your relationship with the elements holds great power over your daily life. 



>> Life-force energy

>> Everything is made of the five elements

>> Stocking your inner fire

>> Quantum Healing

>> The Ancient as the Future



Discover the healing power of living liquid nutrition. Learn about the Living Systems Code that will change the way you view your next juice or smoothie! You will dive into the history, the purpose, health benefits and the power you have to let your inner shine glow!



>> The healing power of liquid nutrition and chlorophyll

>> Fresh raw living juices, smoothies, and elixirs

>> The ritual of plant medicine wisdom

>> Seasonal qualities of liquid nutrition



Be inspired by delicious recipes that will nourish your body, mind, and soul! From cold-pressed juices to wellness shots, sweet and green smoothies, raw soups, nut mylks, fermented recipes, superfoods, and elixirs to delight all your senses.



>> Tools & tips of the trade

>> 108 recipes 

>> + Raw cracker recipes!



Detox is a crucial step in your roadmap to wellness. It all starts with clearing the slate at a cellular level for your body to thrive again. Unlock your power to heal deeply with a detox, learn about the alchemy of doing a mighty detox. Step into rituals for radical self-care that will recalibrate your heart compass.



>> The ritual of detox

>> Levels of detox

>> 1 day Mighty Detox

>> Deep nourishment as radical self-care

>> 7 tools to ignite your mighty inner healer

>> Do you, too, how at the moon?



In eastern philosophy, it is believed that disease begins as a fluctuation in the patterns of the mind before it is ever present in the physical body. So one of the fastest ways you have to transform your challenge is to anchor your mind into stillness and repair the rhythms of your mind in order to shift the expression of the health of your body. 


Learn to centre your mind, as you tune in to the echoes of silence. Discover the key role you mind plays in your ability to transform your experience into greater wellness. Are you happily staying in your shift and full of mind or are you mindfully moving into stillness?



>> Who do we think we are?

>> The role of the ego in our Ego-lution. Me? Never

>> Monkey mind

>> The art of creating sacred space

>> Shadow work

>> Mindfulness practices in stillness and in movement 

>> If you have a mind, you have a mission



The problem has always been the solution, and the only way to transform it is by going in and through it. Learn the role the biography of your lineage and ancestral wound play in your expression of wellness. 


Learn tools to transform your BS (Belief Systems) so you can live in greater freedom in your body, beyond that old tape on autoplay that keeps you stuck and small. Step into being the author of your life, rather than the victim, as you tune into the power of choice, and reclaim the quest you have been on.



>> Peace with our ancestry and our emotions

>> Spiral into awakening

>> Are you still listening to that old tape? On autoplay?

>> Flip the vibe

>> Our issues are in our tissues

>> Answering the call of the soul

>> The shamanic journey and vision quest

>> The alchemy of inner questing



You have always had the resilience, the insight and the power to become your own revolution, even when you didn't know it. It’s your time to shine, your time to make peace with your body so you can become your own master alchemist and truly live in freedom in your body and throughout your life.


Learn about the art of non-negotiables, rewilding, the power of alignment and dedication to pursue your highest purpose.



>> 12 things I learned from my 40-day juice feast

>> Living in reverence

>> 18 tools to unleash your mightiness

>> Be your own revolution

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>> Guided Shamanic Meditation Journey to Your Sacred Garden ~ Mp3 guided meditation with shamanic drumming into a deep space of healing within you. Step into the world of Energy Medicine with Naty as your guide. 

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What are other people saying about this Mighty Book?

"Naty's passionate and honest voice reminds us of the profound link between physical healing and spiritual awakening, and she generously gives us an abundance of practical tools to bring it into our lives.”

Caroline Marie Dupont

M. Sc., Soul Coach & Holistic Nutritionist

about the author

I personally cannot wait till you have your hands on this book and I get to guide you to walk your roadmap to wellness and ignite your own revolution...

Writing this book transformed my life. 


I realized I had awakened the healer within me, by using everything that I share on this book with you. This is the yellow bible I wish I had when I was in the midst of my challenge with extreme levels of heavy metal toxicity that was causing a numbing pain on the right side of my body and wasn’t well. 


I have experienced first hand the power these key pillars for wellness have in your ability to THRIVE again and the power you will unleash when you align your actions to create the body that will host your future most radiant self. 


So dear wellness warrior, don’t wait. Say yes to yourself now! 


You have the power to transform your body and change your life. You have the power to unleash your mightiness! 


All my best,


Naty Howard

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