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Start your sacred journey to inner healing for a deeper connection within.

When you feel alone and disconnected,
a Healing Circle can restore the sacred space within
you, creating peace and true alignment.
Nourish Your Soul and Reclaim Your Personal Power
A Healing Circle integrates several practices for deep healing and relaxation:
breath-work, yoga, meditation, and shamanic journeying.
Regain Balance
Reconnect with your truth and relieve stress and tension with Yoga Spirit Medicine.
Feel Safe
Be held and receive healing in a sacred space built for support and harmony.
Together we are One
Gather Together
Join a Sacred Community and connect with the healing presence of others.
Awaken the Sacred. Activate your Healing. 
Abound in Inner Wisdom.
A Healing Circle integrates and weaves ancient practices for deep healing in the modern world.
Thank you to all of you who came last ni

You are a powerful spiritual being with great inner wisdom and a force that can heal called your Spirit Medicine. 


When your personal alchemy - body, mind, and spirit - is in alignment, you become the ultimate healer. But, when things are out of whack, it's easy to forget you hold the answers and the power you need to heal yourself.

A Healing Circle can tap into your spirit medicine and activate healing by weaving together ritual, ceremony, and moon magic. After sharing the sacred space created within the circle, you will feel awake, renewed, and at ease with yourself. 

Anchor your resiliency
Align your personal alchemy
Absorb the healing energy of Source 
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You shouldn't feel alone in your spiritual journey.

I know how difficult and lonely it can be when you are searching for answers without support or help from others.


For a long time, I was alone on my healing journey until I found the right community. Then everything changed for me. I healed, grew spiritually, and connected with myself in new and profound ways.

As an energy healer and shamanic practitioner, I now guide others to do the same. Drawing together in the sacred space of a Healing Circle is a beautiful thing. It deeply connects, instills hope, and opens up new pathways of healing.

"Naty’s Moon Circles are always life-changing for me. I have grown so much spiritually since I started gathering for her circles. She has opened my eyes and heart to a whole new world and energy, which has brought deep transformation into my life. I am forever grateful for Naty and her sacred moon medicine and healing." 


​— Hannah McNamara, Founder & Director of Yoga Yurt.

Healing Circles accompany you on your journey to wholeness, enabling you to reclaim yourself, so you will once again
know who you are.

"I came to Naty's circle feeling tense and very out of sorts. I had no idea the profound effect it would have on my well-being. I left the circle completely changed. It allowed me to tap into something much deeper than I could ever do on my own. I am so grateful for the peace that came for days after. I really needed it."


— Lisa Pike

Joining a Healing Circle is Easy
Held twice a month, you can choose a New Moon or Full Moon healing circle.
Choose your date
and register.
Show up using
the zoom link.
Feel spiritually renewed
and connected.
How to Choose Your Healing Circle
New Moon and Full Moon Healing Circles
New Moon Healing Circle
New Moon is a time for transformation.

A New Moon cycle is a time where there is no moon. This is when we can see our own patterns more quickly and become aware of the root cause of what we need to change. It is also a time of new beginnings. A time to 'plant' seeds in our inner garden that we nurture until they blossom with the Full Moon.
Full Moon Healing Circle
Full Moon is a time of expression.

A Full Moon is a time of complete manifestation. The seeds you planted during the New Moon have now blossomed, allowing you to express yourself to the world. It's a time to shine your light and harvest the fruits of your self-care. 

New and Full Moon Healing Circles Schedule

Cost: $33.00

All classes are 2hrs via zoom.

Click on the date to register.

*Upon registration you will receive an email with details of the healing circle and zoom link.


Awaken the Sacred Within

Joining a Healing Circle will help you...

Find your spirit medicine.
Feel integrated and at peace.
Experience a sense of grounding and feeling held.
Gain access to answers you didn’t have before.
Pause and take a deep look within yourself.

Develop the strength for healthier boundaries.

Your true self is calling you. Can you hear it? 
If you can, then there is a longing inside of you waiting to be filled.
Take the time to listen by joining a Healing Circle.
It will allow you to enter into a sacred place of healing, so you can recalibrate your soul and find peace.