Welcome to the Wellness Warriors team within the Holistic Justice League. 

Welcome to superfoods, and as you are about to discover welcome to 






A group of dedicated people who share my values about creating impact in your personal health, shifting the consciousness of the planet through a deep commitment to the ecological stewardship and supporting others in creating greater financial freedom.


We believe it all start with changing our food systems, and have partnered with an organic, gmo-free, plant based superfoods company who is in alignment with our vision.

Would you like to join my team of wellness warriors?

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There are many superfood companies out there, I know, I have tried a lot of them. Few though, have been able to do what Purium did for my healing and fewer still share the vision and mission that I believe in. 

To me Purium has been a gift. To my health, finances but also a gift towards future generations. You see, they have 3 missions:

1- Detox, nourish and regenerate the body with superfoods

2- Massively help shift the consciousness of humanity towards caring for, tending and the regeneration of the Earth

3- Assist in our financial freedom to pursue our dreams in a way that is sustainable with the Earth.

We all deserve to be happy and free. But I feel a responsibility in making it so in ways that are sustainable.

There are 4 other things that impress me about Purium:


1- They are in alignment with my own environmental mission.

They will be completely plastic free by the end of this year. Yup. NO MORE PLASTIC being dumped onto landfills that pollutes the environment. Their new packaging is compostable!

2- They have a very low Food Carbon Foot Print.


They dehydrate the superfoods that make their products at the farm level, and from there it goes to the shipping house from where you will get your product. And because they dehydrate their produce right after harvest (without it being transported somewhere else) the dehydrated product is much higher in mineral density and enzymes, which you want to help you heal your body. But also, because the dehydration happens at the farm level, the carbon foot print is maybe about 10% of other companies. Which is pretty impressive.

3- Their engagement with social action: The Million Mom Movement. (Movement.Of.Many) & The Awaken Project

The Million Mom Movement. (Movement.Of.Many): offering scholarships of $2500 in product and business opportunity to mothers seeking to change their lives. 

We as mothers, have tremendous impact in the health and wellbeing of our families and communities. Join us as we inspire1000 Moms in 100 communities committing to spread health, well-being and an economic opportunity around organic, superfood nutrition with 10 families each.

To build a Movement Of Many who share the vision. We are calling on moms, dads, caregivers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, educators and influencers to make a difference within local communities.

The MOM offers scholarships of $2500 in product and business opportunity to mothers seeking to change their lives. 

The AWAKEN Project: Transformation Retreats for Families Touched by Autism. 

Their mission is to dramatically improve the lives of these families by easing the challenges of raising children on the spectrum. They strive to achieve this by providing the tools and resources that families desperately need to TAP into the amazing potential that an individual with autism possesses. They seek to rejuvenate and revitalize families' lives and to awaken their heart, mind, and body in the most serene, supportive environment.

4- Purium is a heart led business. Purium's first warehouse was in Long Beach, right after the Rodney King riots. They are currently in Crompton, and settled there to bring jobs and opportunity to the area. 


I am a part of a larger team within Purium called The Holistic Justice League. 

The Holistic Justice League team serves to guide you with a specific plan to support your purpose, intentions and dreams. Our action plan will bring clarity and peace of mind that you are going in the right direction on a daily basis. Efforts will feel deliberate and decisions will be easier, as you will have a clear benchmark.  

We will start your journey with the end vision in mind. Imagine your life in 3 years from now...



Go through your imaginary day of the greatest version of yourself:

  • What’s the first thought that passes your mind in the morning?

  • What’s the reason you get out of bed?

  • How’s your day structured?

  • What’s your workplace? What do you do there?

  • How much time do you spend with friends and family?

  • What makes you feel accomplished at the end of the day?

  • What gives you energy moving forward and what drains your energy? 



Our personal growth serves as the bridge for the gap between where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Your future ideal self would have intended to develop skills and traits to achieve the high level goals that are met in your imagined future.



If you want to be this GREAT VERSION OF YOU, then you must develop into the person with the skills and traits that can achieve these goals. 

Together we will expand and grow in these categories:

  • Intellectual

  • Emotional

  • Physical

  • Spiritual

  • Community

  • Relationships

  • Service

  • Purpose

  • Vocational (career-related and professional)

  • Avocational (hobbies and interests)



In order to raise the vibration of our planet we share what we know with others. We have valuable solutions to major issues that people battle against. We are problem solvers. 

The Holistic Justice League is a virtual community centred around:

  1. Feeding people pure, premium and convenient organic food, across North America and Europe.

  2. Empowering those who are interested to take control of their finances and operate their own business. We support those that want to replace their 9-5 job, or build an additional residual income of their desired amount.

  3. Providing education necessary to bring value to our businesses, communities and ourselves.


We care. And the question we have for you, is: Do you?

Our mission is important, our movement is fast, our mission is a BIG deal. Our team is growing exponentially every month. Your involvement moves the message to the people in this planet that are looking to expand. It is our responsibility to become the change we wish to see. We have a way to serve our networks in a collaborative effort that has already impacted hundreds of thousands of people in positive ways.



Your development as an entrepreneur is our priority as The Holistic Justice Team. We have systems set up to guide you in your training. Mentorship and accountability is our focus in getting you familiar with all of our resources.

  • iLearn Training Module Courses

  • Business Development Basics

  • Company Training Conference Calls On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays @ 6pm PST | 9pm EST

  • HJL Team Digital Conference Call On Sundays @ 6pm PST | 9pm EST

  • Personal One - One Coaching Conference Calls With Successful Entrepreneurs

  • Social Media Training

  • Personal Development

  • Plus, you get access to two virtual meetups to invite your potential customers and/or Brand Partners to learn more about the products and the business, making it easy on you to share the products and grow your business. (One of these is with me).


If you feel the call within you to share your experience, to help others elevate their health and create profound impact in their lives , both from a health and a financial point of view, this is for you. 

If you feel called to be a part of a caring community, where you are in business for your self, but never by yourself and you get to connect with a community of like minded heart driven souls, this is for you.

If you feel the need within you to be a part of offering solutions to heal the Earth, then welcome home. 


The world has changed. Now more than ever we must take massive imperfect sustainable action towards rebuilding our health, our immunity, our gut health and understanding how interconnected our healing journey is to the healing of the Earth. 

The chemical toxicity OUT THERE is the same chemical toxicity IN HERE. The more we do someting about it in here, the more we change the world out there.

The green economy, allows us to step into greater freedom within ourselves and financial freedom. It helps us be a part of the solution in regards to chemical and plastic pollution of the Earth and it allows us to build the life of our dreams, while helping others build theirs.

Your Coaches


“In business for yourself, but never by yourself.”

The Holistic Justice League is a community of caring diverse beings. Some of us are entrepreneurs, artists, professionals, healers and friends. We promote natural function of our bodies and our planet with superfoods and leadership. We stand to make a difference every day.

Our heart centred leaders are part of our team because our “Lifestyle Transformation” platform supports the regeneration of people and planet.

Our coaches are inspired to create a “shift in consciousness” in how our communities feel in our world TODAY by passing on to YOU their leadership skills. We will support you, guide you, encourage you, and invite you to share your gifts to the world.



You can build your business from any where in the world with an internet connection and high bandwidth from your heart. You can grow your business while living a life that you love, experiencing abundance and location freedom.

During your first 90 Days which we call our “Fast Start” your coach will teach you how to leverage a sustainable and residual income. Our business model offers and opportunity to create an income for your household where YOU are the limit!

What it takes:

  1. Consistent and discipline action daily

  2. Minimum of 1-5 hours daily

  3. Be coachable and complete your weekly goals with your coach

  4. Integrity to keep your word

  5. A burst of energy to share our mission

  6. Desire to overcome limiting beliefs

  7. Abundance mindset

  8. Compassion

  9. Being of service



We want to work with people that are rebuilding their bodies and are determined to invest in their future. When you invest in the "Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation" you receive the business opportunity for FREE if you want it. That is an investment of $314US, which used to be a $500US investment. 

By becoming a Brand Partner, you get to share the gift of health to friends, family and colleagues with $50.00 Gift Card Codes. These personalized referral codes allow your customers to save $50.00 on purchases of $75.00 or more in our website. Purchases $200 or more save up to 25% off and Free Shipping off orders $250 or more in the continental US, or $7.99US to Canada.

  • Become a Brand Partner, create your OWN personalized referral code to share with others.

  • Set up your monthly order (smart order) of or above 50BV, to activate and receive your commission.


If you are ready to make an impact and live your dreams, join our team within the Holistic Justice League today.

Use referral code to join our team.

*choose either Core 4, ULT or Optimal Immune Support Pack to become a Brand Partner and join our team​




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