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When was the last time you let your self Howl? Be it in rage or in love, let your self pause and feel and express the depth of your feelings? 

The rhythms of the moon offer us an opportunity to come into a deeper space of stillness within us. They provide an opportunity to align and anchor into our true nature as we pause and feel, tap into our heart, and recalibrate with our own rhythms, on a monthly basis. 

In this free e-guide you will find:​

  • Wisdom on the power of the New and Full Moons

  • Why aligning with the Moon is key to reclaiming your power

  • My favourite ritual that I use on a monthly basis, to release what holds my heart back & create space within me to heal deeply and manifest a new reality


In this giveaway, I also share about the power New + Full Moon healing circles have in our journeys of reclaiming ourselves. 

BUT if you are impatient and curious like me, and you want to know more about them right now click the "Learn More" button below now!

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