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 a 30 day Transformation to ignite your health 

Close your eyes.

take a breath, 

Left hand on heart, right hand on belly.

How do you feel when you nourish your Self?

Pause. Feel. Tune in.







Hey, I'm Naty. 

Author of Your Mighty Inner Healer and guide to Nourish to Detox 


NOURISH TO DETOX & THRIVE is a 30 day journey to reset, nourish and detox your body, heart, mind to align with your Soul.


It is an opportunity to transform, evolve, anchor into self-love and become or rather emerge as your authentic self.

NOURISH TO DETOX & THRIVE was born out of my healing journey from extremely elevated heavy metal toxicity. It is a guided transformation that uses whole foods, superfoods, liquid nutrition and guided practices for the heart, mind and Soul.


As we reclaim our health, we also reclaim ourSelves. We reclaim our power, our voices, our truth. 

This program is meant to create a shift in your consciousness, repair your gut health and your brain health (as they are interrelated), it is meant to shift your relationship to food, to what cracks your heart open, to the tape in auto-play in your mind and ultimately shift your relationship to your self into a more loving, self-compassionate relationship.

This program will also shift your relationship with the world around you, for I believe the way we treat the world is the way we treat ourselves and vice versa.

As Above, so Below.

As Within, so Without.

As in Spirit, so in Soul.

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 Nourish your Body 

  • Radically shift the inner terrain of your body with organic, non-gmo, plant based superfoods, whole foods and the healing power of liquid nutrition through the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation**

  • Repair your gut, detox glyphosate + heavy metals and flush away toxins + parasites

  • Rebuild immunity

  • Reset metabolism, food habits, lifestyle

  • Create balance, vitality, deep sleep, reduce inflammation, increase rejuvenation and regeneration

  • Nourish your body at a cellular level.

 Nourish your Heart 

  • Tune into what cracks your heart open in order to penetrate your wounds

  • Transform your shadow into your greatest teacher through self-inquiry practices

  • Access the inner space of self-compassion and expansion

  • Recalibrate your Heart Compass

  • Root into an awakened heart


 Nourish your Mind 

  • Shift the tape in auto-play that has been keeping you small + stuck

  • Learn mindfulness practices to be present in your life

  • Use breath-work and meditation as tools to cleanse your mind and create space for deep healing within you

  • Flip and raise your vibe

 Align with your Soul 

  • Reclaim your self, your power, your truth

  • Learn the art of radical self-care

  • Hear the voice of your Soul as you shift your relationship with your Self

  • Feel the power of sacred action

  • Align with the best version of your self

  • Be your evolution

  • Become your revolution

  • Emerge with greater authenticity 

  • Unleash your mightiness

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**For a limited time nourish to detox & thrive is FREE with purchase of the 30 day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT). You can find out more about the ULT here.

 Yup. Free. 

Why? Because I believe in the power of synergy to ignite your transformation. I have used these practices as part of my roadmap to wellness, and they will allow you to become the master alchemist of your own life.

But we have to address your gut, your core, your cellular chemistry and inner terrain first. We can only build a strong foundation from the ground up, from deep within you, out.

The healing power of organic, non-gmo, plant based superfoods along side whole foods, supported with the practices, rituals and tools I will be sharing with you, we assist you in reclaiming your Self. 

You will truly transform your lifestyle to experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep and a more balanced mood. The superfoods in this 30-day program will nourish and detoxify your body with vegan protein, greens, healthy fats, gut healing, organic super fruit and natural colon cleansing support.

You will discover long-lasting energy, inner joy, and a body that feels its best. The quality of the food you eat is equal to the quality of the life you live. Start living the life you deserve.

🌱 Detoxifying: Superior gut health that supports  detoxification and elimination.
🌱 Nourishing: Greens, vegan protein, healthy fats, and organic super fruits for foundational nutrition.
🌱 Lifestyle-Friendly: Easily customize to fit your lifestyle (3 options to fit your needs).
🌱 Transformational: The basics for permanent, lasting change.

🌱 Accountability: I will support you all the way. It's you, me and a loving community.


I only have a few spots left and I am giving $100 discounts towards your organic superfoods with free group coaching throughout these 30 days. 

Register for Nourish to Detox & Thrive today, by purchasing your 30 day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation TODAY! If you have any questions let's talk! or email me here to connect.


Use referral code AwakenIntoSacredness and receive your discount.


You will receive:

  • Daily guidance from me via email, includes tools + practices to nourish your body, heart, mind and align with your Soul

  • 4 zoom calls (prior to start, at the start, mid and end of your Transformation)

  • Private FB group + community support

are you ready to nourish to detox & thrive,

reclaim your health and

in the process reclaim your self?