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This Course is an opportunity to unlock the gateway to deeper levels of healing and vitality.

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Cleanse, Expand and Protect Your Energy Field with the guided Circle of Light Shamanic Activation.

Shamanism offers us many rituals, tools and practices to claim a deeper connection within as we transform our story and reclaim the lost pieces of ourselves.

This practice will support you to clear the cords and roots of imprints present in your energy field and your body so you can create space for greater coherence within as you ignite your healing.

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Sacred Space: Create a personal sanctuary for self-healing

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Discover the power of sacred space to transform anxiety, cultivate inner peace, and embrace your authentic self. Build your own shamanic healing altar and unlock mindfulness and shamanic practices for profound healing and connection.

'Sacred Space: Create A Personal Sanctuary for Self Healing' Will Support You To ...

  • Claim a Safe Space of Your Own To Shift the Anxiety that Keeps You Up At Night
  • Pause to Take a Deep Breath and Feel the Feelings, Without the Overwhelm
  • Gather Healing Tools To Reclaim Your Connection To Your Authentic Self
  • Use Ritual to Create Inner Stability, Resilience and Greater Clarity of Your Healing Journey
  • Make Peace With Your Body And The Negative Inner Dialogue that Keeps You Feeling Stuck
  • Get Out of Bed Knowing You Can Meet the World From A Place of Greater Inner Peace and Calm

This Course Includes:

  • 4 Modules
  • The Practice Lab: Guided Practices For Inner Healing & To Awaken Self-Compassion
  • Private Members Portal
  • Access to Sacred Community to support your journey
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • Plus Bonus: Clarify Your Path To Find Belonging Within Yourself

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