The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Of Cross-Cultural Shamanism Foundational Apprenticeship



A comprehensive foundation and profound initiation into the living heart and soul of Peruvian Shamanism for personal and planetary healing and transformation, as originated by don Oscar Miro Quesada, known world-wide as a Peruvian kamasqa curandero.


Who Is This Apprenticeship For?


  • Anyone looking to find meaning in life through deeper spiritual relationship and communion with our Great Originating Mystery
  • Beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners of shamanic arts
  • Folks from all walks of life who are seeking to maximize their presence as sources of healing light in the world
  • People who love to adopt and make friends with rocks, crystals, feathers, shells, etc
  • Healers looking for a tradition to hold and evolve their practices within
  • If you are reading this, this apprenticeship is for you — Welcome Home!



Through the PMT Foundational Shamanic Apprenticeship You Will: 

💫 Make sense, transform and heal your shamanic dismemberment and dark night of the soul and the many ways you feel fragmented⁣

💫 Gather tools to ground and hold yourself as an empathetic being⁣

💫 Cultivate a deeper relationship with your self, nature and the unseen world⁣

💫 Desire to unearth a deeper healing in yourself, and perhaps, as an agent for the healing of others and Mother Earth⁣

💫 Take part in shamanic initiations and activations of your personal healing medicine⁣

💫 Further build and activate your personal Mesa for self healing and the healing⁣

💫 Deepen your relationship with the unseen realms, shamanic allies, and the field of shamanic healing⁣

💫 Learn shamanic energy healing techniques to harmonize the 5 bodies (Body, heart, spirit, mind, and soul)⁣

💫 Become a medicine keeper of this ancient sacred wisdom for future generations⁣ 

💫 Be a part of a community that honours unity in diversity and teaches love by the way we live 

Can You Hear The Call Of The Ancient Medicine Healer Within? 

You will be first to hear when applications open for the next 2024 Hoop of this life changing initiation into the Shamanic Realms of Deep Healing and Belonging. 

What Is The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross Cultural Shamanism? (PMT)


'Pachakuti' means 'world reversal and refers to the time of transformation we are living now.  A mesa is an altar for self-exploration, transformation and personal growth in which we create a new paradigm of one's relation to the Self and the Universe.

This shamanic tradition, in all its richness, is an evolving practice of inner and outer activities that restore balance and harmony to our relationship with All That Is.


What is the Pachakuti Mesa?

In the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition we interact and build relationships with the unseen realm through the creation of a specific type of altar or mesa called the Pachakuti Mesa. This sacred patterning of elemental expressions becomes the seat of spiritual vision and the game board for interacting with all of creation. 


Who can Practice this Shamanic Tradition?

Anyone with a yearning to be of loving service and healing support to self, others and our living Earth.

Origins of the PMT


Oscar's first experience with Peruvian shamanism was between 1969-1986, under the famed huachumero son Celso Rojas Palomino from Salas. After don Celso transitioned to the Spirit World, don Oscar started a four-year apprenticeship with the Andean Paqokuna shaman/priesthood with famed kuraq akulleq don Benito Corihuaman Vargas from the village of Wasao. Both of his mentors insisted that the only way to safeguard these ancient healing traditions was to bring them to Western acculturated peoples.

This led don Oscar to originate the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanism. Thus don Oscar continues fulfilling the noble intentions of both venerable elders who bequeathed him the task of preserving their Heart Island (South America) shamanic ways as a seven generation legacy of healing service to the world.


The PMT Cosmovision 


As most keen observers of the 'orderly' patterns, rhythms, pulses, tonalities and cycles found in Nature will agree, the PMT Cosmovision is a living archetype - a Self-reflexive mandala of our universal sentience. A more integrative imaginal rendition of the sacred powers, forces and hermetic axioms of our Pachakuti Mesa Lineage is nowhere to be found.

By entering into a ceremonial relationship with the simplicity of its wholeness lies a true theophany. May your soul effortlessly navigate its aesthetic infinitude with the joyous pleasure of our re-Membering...   



The PMT Shamanic Foundational Apprenticeship includes:

  • Comprehensive study in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT): Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal  
  • 5 Immersive Weekend Intensives (Part I - V)
  • Printed weekend manuals
  • Private Fb group for the Uxbridge PMT Hoop
  • Access to the Universal Shaman Private Fb Group
  • Weekly PMT Wed. Night Link Up Global Meditation for Personal and Planetary Healing. Every Wed. Night, 8.45pm-9.30pm EST (Optional)
  • 108+ hours of in-depth apprenticeship with sanctioned teacher Naty Howard

Spiritual Seeker, tell me something...

  • Do you want to make sense of your shamanic dismemberment, spiritual awakening or dark night of the soul?
  • Are you an empath, always carrying the load of others and the world on your shoulders?
  • Are you seeking to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, nature and the unseen world?
  • Desire to be an agent for the healing of others and Mother Earth?


THE PACHAKUTI MESA TRADITION FOUNDATIONAL APPRENTICESHIP will offer you the opportunity to awaken the Shamanic Healer in you and anchor into the inner chambers of your shamanic belonging.


How The Apprenticeship Works

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