Our Hearts have heard the call. A more conscious foundation is in need for our own Evolution, but the journey onwards is really a journey INWARDS. The Answer to the call we have heard time and again, is the journey to the inner space of the Heart where we will remember that WE ARE THE MEDICINE and that within us we have the wisdom to move forward in more coherent conscious ways.

The path of the Heart, the path inwards can be a solitary one, yet we can support ourselves by gathering with those who are also walking their own path to their Hearts. We can support ourselves by allowing to be supported and guided through programs such as the upcoming Liquid Feast & Vision Quest.

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It is by creating the sacredness we so yearn, that we can begin to move through the boundaries and the veils that have kept us in stagnation. This upcoming program is a unique blend of two ancient tools for Involution.

A Liquid Feast is the ancient practice of fasting or feasting in which we only use Liquid Nutrition such as fresh pressed juices, smoothies and elixirs for the purposes of pausing, detoxifying, grounding, reseting, rebuilding, regenerating, rejuvenating & recalibrating our whole body system.

A Vision Quest is the ancient practice of tapping deeper within the boundaries of our skin into the inner space of the Heart, where our Cognitive Memory lives and where our own innate wisdom resides. When both ancient practices are done together Synergy happens: We are able to tap into a deeper space then if we were to do either of these practices on their own.

This Foundational Sacred Living Program is an 9 day program that includes a 3 or 7 Day Liquid Feast and Vision Quest. It is by immersing ourselves in this Brave New World and gathering new & old tools for our journey that we can truly transform and transcend our current conditions. We will be in alignment with the powers of the Full Moon in May, also known as the Flower Moon. We will tap into the inherent qualities of it's power to bring forth our own flowering and the blossoming of a life in alignment with our Sacred Purpose.

Have you heard the call within your Heart to recalibrate, to anchor deeper into the space of your own Heart from where you can create more conscious foundation?

I invite you to take a look at the course curriculum.

I invite you to take a step INWARD into your own EVOLUTION!

The next community LIQUID FEAST & VISION QUEST takes place May 5th- 13th.

All details are here.

May your day be filled with beauty,

Two Palms together,

Naty Howard.

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