I often get asked why do I do what I do. Do you?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

“Sacred Action borne out of Compassionate Spiritual Wisdom, Unites”— Don Oscar Miro-Quesada.

I often get asked why do I do what I do.

I am a teacher of tools and practices of alignment with one’s True Self and the world around us. I grow a large organic garden. I teach Yoga. I practice Shamanism and host ceremonies in sacred reciprocity to the world of Spirit. I guide Liquid Feasts and Vision Quests. I teach and practice meditation and mindfulness practices and I guide people to reconnect most importantly to their own Hearts as most of us are walking in this world not only disconnected from each other, but also disconnected from Nature itself and as such our very own True Nature.

My own Healing journey has led me to many a path of awakening to the Power within me to Unite with my own Self, to consciously create harmony rather then dis ease in my body, to consciously create Peace by engaging with the world from a place deeper within my self that is

in interrelationship with all of life. The more I engage in ways to ‘connect’ with the world outside of myself and the world within me, the more I become the change that I seek.

In the art of ‘connecting’ with Nature— both outside of ourselves and within— we begin to heal our Hearts, we begin to Heal from the traumas of our stories. We begin to bare witness to the very well known fact to other species: We live as ONE INTERCONNECTED WHOLE. Each and everyone of us are a part of something bigger. And though as Human Beings living in the West we have placed ourselves in a pedestal above all life…. life is showing us that it’s time to come down and once again be a part of the bigger web that has been awaiting for a different kind of leadership that is more inclusive, visionary, deeply insightful, and deeply respect the values and principles of our Human Rights, of our rights to coexist, of our rights to clean food, clean water, shelter, education, sanctity of the body, gender equality and freedom of expression.

Our leadership must be inclusive for the Universal Law of Sacred Reciprocity must be re-membered. The more we give into the world and each other our best potential for the greater good of ALL Life, knowing that I will care for you and have my best intentions for you as much as you will for me, changes the world into a place of trust, conscious evolution and the expression of thriving societies that though are anchored in diversity, know that their very survival is directly connected to building each other up, rather then taking each other down.

Our leadership must be visionary because in our Global world we have become Earth Citizens, yet we are still behaving like medieval warriors unaware of the effects of our actions on the Whole Web of Life. Such ego based attitudes have led us to the enormous world crisis we face today in food shortages, disease due to food manipulation and lack of ethical action within the food chain, climate change, clean water crisis, high levels of pollution and toxicity to name a few. On a personal level, it has led to enormous disconnection from one’s true self and from one another, it has led to unprecedented high numbers in our Youth of anxiety and mental issues, depression, anger and the break down of our family units. We are being asked to become visionaries and bring forth a new era of interconnectedness. We are being asked to engage, to hold space, to protect our resources, our food, our children from the fast moving world that keeps us running without clarity of action that goes beyond the personal benefit of our lifetime. As Earth Citizens, we awaken more deeply to our interconnectedness and place the well being of our species and the Earth at the core of our Actions.

Our leadership must be deeply insightful which requires us to draw within for insight. We can not guide the way through the Era of Distraction unless we reconnect with the inner space of our true nature. We can only do so by disconnecting from our screens a little more in order to connect more deeply with the inner space of the Heart, the inner space of right action, the inner space of fullness, the inner space of Peace, and ultimately the inner space of Grace. As we draw within, we begin to trust again. We begin to trust ourselves, the process of life, and the greater web that sustains us and thus Gratitude begins to flow again from our very own Hearts. When we live in Gratitude, we do NOT live in fear. When we live in Gratitude we live in fullness, we live deeply connected to the world. When we live in Gratitude we slow down and reconnect with the beauty of simplicity, the beauty of the world and our own beauty.

Our leadership must deeply respect the values, principles and sanctity of our Human Rights, of our rights to coexist, of our rights to clean food, clean water, shelter, education, sanctity of the body, gender equality and freedom of expression beyond the Self. If we don’t place the respect of Human Rights at the core of our Actions we will live more and more in a world of Anarchy rather than Freedom.

Our times are challenging ones, yes, but as we draw from within, as we draw from our interconnectedness and choose to more consciously act respecting the sanctity of our lives, of each others lives, of the life of the planet, not only we begin to unfold into our own path of personal liberation, we also begin to take more conscious and palpable action into the shaping of tomorrow’s world for the 7 Generations that will come beyond our individual time on Earth.

It is by choosing to spark our Hearts with the intention of Sacred Action in service to the good of ALL LIFE, that we become our highest expression of our best potential and we find root in our Sacred purpose to be the change that we seek. As we lead by example, we inspire others to do the same: to spark their own mindful conscious evolution towards the unfolding of their True Nature in alignment with the Greater Web of Life.

As a mother of 3 vibrant boys, I do what I do, for them. So that they bare witness to a life lived in sacred reciprocity and in alignment with leadership that has the potential to change the world. I do what I do, in hope that their lives will be anchored in this kind of leadership, in hope that their understanding of our interconnectedness, of the importance of food sovereignty, of clean water, fresh air, the right to education, to gender equality, to freedom of expression become their reality rather than a dream lost long ago. I do what I do for you too, in service to the Generations that will come.

May we live in greater harmony and freedom.


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