gut issues?7 tips to cleanse your gut to ignite your health.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

If there is one thing I have learned along my healing journey is this: THE PROBLEM IS THE SOLUTION.

The problem always leaves clues. Enough of them for us to find our way in our healing.

Our gut is not only at the centre of our bodies, it is also at the core of our health. It is the seat of our immunity, the source of our wellness, or lack off.

When we have #gutissues, our bodies begin to break down, rather than the other way around. The shift first happens in the gut—even if we are unaware of it, then it expands towards other areas of the body. #Inflammation, #toxicity, #mineraldeficiencies all first happen in the gut. Yet, we seldom think of it as the source we must address in order to heal, shift and transform the rest of our bodies into greater wellness.

Think of your current health... Are you facing a challenge? How do you feel? How do you sleep? Do you wake up refreshed, filled with energy and ready for the day? Do you have food sensitivities? Allergies? Pain? Are you experiencing hormonal imbalances? Tune in, how are you truly feeling?

Your issues are all connected to your gut. All connected to each other. Even if the symptoms have not expressed themselves yet.

In my book Your Mighty Inner Healer, I speak about the two root causes of disease being toxicity and mineral deficiencies.

When we take a closer look at the gut, we can see that as we eat toxic laden foods, toxicity will disturb the delicate #microbiome, will disturb the fine balance between good and bad bacteria and steal your immunity. But it doesn't stop there, for the toxicity in our environment, also enters our bodies through our skin, challenging our organs of detoxification even more and demanding they detox chemical poisons our bodies weren't made to cleanse.

The more toxicity you have within you, the more mineral deficiencies you will have as well, and vice versa. As mineral deficiencies accumulate, your body will not be able to properly detox the toxic load and will accumulate greater toxicity.

So how should you #detox your #gut to #igniteyourhealth? I am so glad you asked.

It is important that you do a gut cleanse at least twice a year. An opportunity to reset, cleanse the slate, repair, rebuild, regenerate and rejuvenate your whole body.

7 tips to cleanse your gut:

1- Eat organic whole foods, and a high plant based diet. Avoid as much as possible processed foods and produce and foods grown with high amounts of herbicides, pesticides, or animals fed corn, soya and other foods which are grown with a lot of chemicals. Remember you are what you eat. The chemical toxicity you ingest, will stay within.

2- Support your microbiome with pre and probiotics, as well as eat and drink fermented foods to restore the healthy bacteria of your gut. My favourite pre and probiotic that directly targets and detoxes #glyphosate is this one. It's become one of my non-negotiables. :)

3- Unleash the healing power of liquid nutrition. Liquid Nutrition is the fastest way to both detox the body and nourish the body in order to repair mineral deficiencies. In particular celery juice, heavy metal detox smoothie, green juices, superfoods, kombucha. Drink it up! Check this online recipe resource or get a copy of my book to bask your body with 108+ glorious recipes.

4- Eat in rhythm. A big part of our problem when it comes to gut issues, is that we have lost our sensibility to eating in rhythm. Eating on a schedule may seem rigid to some, but what it does is train your digestive fire for optimal health. It will allow you to come in relationship with your body and understand when your digestive fire is stronger and when it is just best have a glass of water instead. Eating in rhythm will actually will give you a life of greater digestive freedom!

5- Drink 1 gallon of water a day. Wanna keep your bowls moving? Drink up. Most of us are dehydrated, which hinders peristalsis and don't know it. Water is essential to keep the bowls moving, to flush not just your gut but your entire. Sorry, 4-8 glasses a day won't do it no more.

6- Breathe and melt your stress away. Stress is another key player when it comes down to gut issues, so if you want to cleanse your gut, you have to learn to manage your stress. Breath and mindfulness practices will not only support you in managing your stress, but will also open doors to the inner space of refuge and resilience you have within yourself. Check out this breath practice that I guide in all my classes and Moon Yoga Spirit Medicine Circles. In order to heal the body, we have to anchor the mind.

7- Take massive imperfect sustainable action. Do a gut cleanse. In my years healing from heavy metal toxicity, I have done a few. Some have worked, some have half worked, some of them transformed me to the core. When choosing a gut cleanse you are going to want to include liquid nutrition and superfoods that are going to nourish your body to detox. Because otherwise, you won't detox at a cellular level. That will be key to your healing. Detox your gut from the chemical load, in particular glyphosate and #heavymetals that are causing your issues in the first place. Nourish your cells with mineral rich living foods and liquid nutrition to repair your miner