How often do you think of the stability in your foundation?

How often do you think of the integrity of your structure? How often do you think of the stability in your foundation? Pillars??

To tell you the truth, I never thought about them. Nope. Not once.

How stable is your foundation for health? Are you building your strength and resilience or are you giving into overwhelm, fragmentation and ultimately falling apart?

I fell apart before I ever thought about my health. I am pretty sure I am not alone on that one.

But here is the thing, you don’t have to.

I invite you to think of the wellness and feeling of wholeness that you desire as a foundation you will be building. One that is directly impacted by your daily actions, inner rhythms, your body’s ability to manage stress, place boundaries, transform your ancestral story, and your ability to own your power.

In order to create the foundation that will hold your deepest yearning and desires you will need to tune into three things: stability, resilience, and be able to be deeply seated in yourself (integrated and embodied). They all exist within you, even if you don’t know that yet.

Where to begin right?

Take a breath, pause, exhale.

Then begin with the pillars that will hold your foundation.


Let’s break down your pillars:

  • Physical - the structure of your body, that holds your experience of your life.

  • Emotional/ mental - how impacted are you by the traumas that have defined you, and how centred is your mind in your body. Are you still living in the shadow of the tiger or have you been able to step into your personal power, led by your heart?

  • Energy - how deep is your breath, how aware are you of the life-force that moves through you?

  • Wisdom - are you able to step beyond your ego into your inner wisdom? Are you able to align your actions with your vision?

  • Soul - do you remember who you are? Do you recall your Spirit Medicine (essence) and do you hear the call of Soul to heal yourself?

Each of these pillars is key in the creation of more stability, resilience and strength within you. They are each a portal into deeper levels of healing, and as you journey through them you will be able to develop a greater capacity to hold yourself and belong to yourself again.

If you want to truly understand to these concepts, do the following:

Step #1- Choose one pillar. Be transparent with yourself.

Step #2- Write down where you are now, and with as much detail as possible where you want to be.

Step #3- Understand your why. Why does it matter to you to get closer to your vision? And what is at stake if you don’t.

Step #4- Choose another pillar. Repeat.

Thinking of your daily actions as the subfloor to the pillars that hold your foundation, will allow you to move beyond your resistances quicker and take back your power. Remember, you are building the structural integrity of your foundation to thrive.

Where are you now? Which pillar are you working with and through? Most often they intertwine.

Let me know, your words and your experience are always Spirit Medicine for someone else’s journey. Please share below.

Rooting for you,