What is at the depth of your hearts desire to stand in the radiance of your wellness? + New Moon r..

I know you hear the calling in your heart. The pull that has drawn you to gather all your wellness tools to heal deeply. To transform your pain into service and to burn away all that is not serving you.

I know that you’ve been at this wellness revolution for a while, and though you feel better, you also feel you are not where you want to be with your health or how you feel inside your bones.

I know you are here, because like me, you kissed the ground running, are getting up but feel you need a little more guidance, a whole more of a roadmap and a community that will hold you in the ways that you need to be held.

It is mid October, a shocker for it was just February, but nonetheless it’s almost the New Moon in October!

Months of challenges, changes, and a call to adapt and root into your resiliency.

As we head into the last few months of this year, it’s time to take aligned action. It’s time to answer the call within, so you can experience your deepest desires.

This New Moon Supermoon in Libra, invites you to open to receive your guiding star as you make the long journey to wellness across the seas.

It asks you to pause, anchor into self-love so you can see your courage and strength. It asks you also to shift your relationship with whatever may be challenging you now, into how can I receive this teaching through love instead? It asks you to un dust your heart’s desire for your most radiant healing to occur. It asks you to tune into aligned action.


On this New Moon on Friday Oct. 16th, take the time to go inward into the deeper depths of your soul. It’s all inner-work.

Set time aside to be on your own, undisturbed for a min. of 10min or more. Sit in silence, or do a meditation practice. Open up to the inquiry, pause and feel.

What is at the depth of your hearts desire to stand in the radiance of your wellness? Pause and feel into it deeply. Allow this feeling of radiant wellness to expand from your heart space into the rest of your body, and call upon it when you need it. Write it down in great detail, use it as your compass to align with this next radiant version of yourself.






Now stepping out of anger, shame and blame, focus on giving back to yourself through love an action that you can take this week that will serve you to begin to walk your path towards your vision.

What one action can you commit to this week, that will serve you to hold your self up through love as you nourish and nurture yourself to the depth of your Soul?






When we are “full of ourselves” then we can offer of ourselves to others.

Naty xo

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