The Self Healing Mentorship



Enter a 6-month Healing Vortex that integrates and weaves ancient rituals, skills and self-healing practices for the modern human who wants to feel safe in their body and find sanctuary within.

Transform Anxiety into Empowered Connection, Shift Your Relationship with Your Body from At War to Inner Peace, Break Free from the Chains of Your Story So You Can Reclaim Your Authentic Self and Unlock Your Spiritual Healing Potential. 


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"I am deeply grateful for Naty. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me find more security within myself and instrumental in helping me start to become more fully ‘me'.
She is a trusted partner on my healing journey." 


Lorraine Korti

Author & Creative


Medicine Weaver is a 6 month shamanic path of self transformation to end feeling anxious, fragmented, confused and lost on your spiritual healing journey and gather the skills and rituals you need to: 
  • Activate your personal healing + vitality
  • Create safety within
  • Unhook the emotional imprints that keep you stuck
  • Release personal and ancestral trauma
  • Discover unshakeable strength
  • Cultivate self-compassion, self-trust and self-love
  • Claim the inner power of your sovereignty
  • Anchor into refuge and inner peace
  • Find belonging in yourself
  • Clarify your spiritual path
  • Align with your sacred work in the world
  • Become an activated multidimensional intuitive healer, the ancient Medicine Weaver in you

Sacred Sister, Tell Me Something....

  • Are you struggling to have a clear path to activate your body’s healing and vitality that addresses the root cause of how you feel in your body, not just your symptoms?

  •  Do you feel disconnected from who you are? Unsafe in your body? Too sensitive for the world? Yearning to reclaim the Truth of yourself so you can stand in your power, and create inner stability at the center of your being?

  •  Are you drowning under the weight of a rollercoaster of emotions, judgment, self-shame, grief, unworthiness, emotional blocks? 

  •  Do you find yourself constantly wishing to connect with the sacred within yourself, find inner peace and inner freedom, and come home to yourself again so you can embody the power of your sacred work in the world?

I’m here to tell you... 


You are not alone. I am here with you.
Finding answers is tough when you feel lost and alone. 
I know how difficult and lonely it can be for a woman when searching for answers without support or help from others. 
I was alone on my healing journey for a long time, as a mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter without clear answers, until I discovered the interconnectedness and interdependence of my symptoms, trauma, relationship to self and Spirit and the calling in my Soul to live my purpose and embody the true power within myself.


Once I understood the interconnectedness of my challenge and heeded the call to evolve, EVERYTHING CHANGED.
The pillars of The Self Healing Map began to get laser clear and The Path Of The Medicine Weaver was born. 
I was able to go deeper into my spiritual healing with great clarity, find safety in my body, shift my symptoms because I understood their root causes, transform my story, claim a deep connection within, and awaken my inner healer. 
As an author, coach, shamanic practitioner, energy and intuitive healer, I now guide others to do the same. Drawing together in the sacred space of this Mentorship journey will support you to weave yourself whole again.  
"Medicine Weaver Mentorship has awakened and aligned the powerful force that is, my body, heart and spirit. Moving from a chaotic state of overwhelm (postpartum -twins) I now feel centred and focused. Consciously choosing routine, joy and allowing my light to shine.
It is as if Naty held my (virtual) hand, and guided me home."


Lucy Knight

Yoga Teacher


Though your story has shaped you, you have within you the power and the wisdom to cultivate inner peace and find belonging in yourself.

You see, challenge is the greatest teacher if we let it.


To move beyond anxiety, confusion and the spiralling of feeling lost, you are going to have to befriend your challenge, and identify the unknown obstacles standing in your way.

You'll need to understand the rituals, skills, tools and practices that are at your fingertips to take action and step into your power, and the ways your challenge is inviting you to evolve your habits, your mindset, and your life so you can embody the calling in your heart. 
I believe, challenges are never just of your physical body...
They are a call to evolve your MIND, PSYCHE, and HEART.
They are a whisper of your Soul, asking you to embody the Highest version of yourself. 



Medicine Weaver Mentorship is a Healing Vortex that integrates and weaves ancient rituals, skills and self-healing practices for the modern woman who wants to break free from the chains of anxiety, constrictions of her story, shift her symptoms, reclaim her sense of self, cultivate inner peace and unlock her spiritual healing potential. 


Begins with the New Moon of January 11th, 2024 and ends June 20th, 2024.


Learn more about Medicine Weaver Mentorship today.

Access course curriculum, details of shamanic initiations, live sessions, soul activations and bonuses.  

Who is Medicine Weaver Mentorship right for?

Medicine Weaver is for women who:

  • Feel fragmented, confused and anxious, who feel they have tried it all, but have yet to feel the radiance, health, and deep connection to the truth of who they are that they yearn for.
  • Are always giving so much, who feel burned-out and are running on empty.
  • Are now experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul, Shamanic Dismemberment or Spiritual Awakening (or have experienced it in the past) and are ready to move beyond the trauma that still holds them back so they can lead a life of greater freedom and purpose.
  • Are searching to feel whole within, to transform their story and reclaim their body and their sense of self, connect with the sacred within and belong to themselves.
  • Want to broaden their self healing inner resources, with keen interest in personal transformation, inner growth and spiritual healing. 


It is for Empaths, Crystal Junkies, Astrology Lovers, Creatives, Soul-prenours, Moon Magic Mystics, Goddesses, Intuitive Healers and Alchemists At Heart.

It is for Burned-out Mamas and Women In Life Transitions.

It is for Light Workers & Wellness Coaches, Shamanic & Reiki Practitioners, Yoga & Breath Work Teachers, Ayurvedic Coaches, Bodywork Specialists, Holistic/ Natural Nutritionists, Health, Life & Soul Coaches.

It is for Witches and Sacred Sisters.

It's time to claim a deeper connection within so you can reclaim the lost parts of yourself 

By The End Of This Mentorship You Will...

  • Transform your relationship with your body from being at war with the symptomatology of your journey to understand who you were born to be and how to tend to your unique body so you can ignite LUMINOUS AND RADIANT WHOLE-BODY HEALTH.
  • Let go of the ‘50 pound backpack’ of emotional weight you have been carrying and are able to MEET YOURSELF from a place of self-compassion, reverence and self-love, because you now feel safe in your body, and know that the only one you need to fit-in-with or belong to is YOURSELF.
  • Release the karmic cords, and contracts that hold you back. Transcend limited beliefs that keep you stuck and the self-shaming inner dialogue of unworthiness that keeps you in the hamster wheel of self-sabotage.
  • Learn to place healthier boundaries for your healing journey, anchor into your resiliency, strength, inner-stability, courage to stop carrying everyone else’s emotional baggage and claim your sacred DIVINE FLOW.
  • Regain TRUST IN YOURSELF and the unseen web that holds you, so you can make peace with your body, yourself, your trauma, and your ancestry.

  • Create coherence of mind-body-soul, anchor into an integrated space of wholeness within and UNLOCK YOUR CREATRIX POWERS to answer the yearning in your heart to manifest your desires from a place of deep receiving and create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

  • Come home to yourself again, remembering who you are, a DIVINE MEDICINE KEEPER, claiming the inner-power of your sovereignty and activating your multidimensional intuitive healer.

  • Up-level your frequency and learn to expand your field so you can unleash the ALCHEMY AND POWER OF YOUR SACRED MEDICINE.

What are others saying about Medicine Weaver



"When I first met Naty at a women's circle, I had a deep yearning to heal whatever was holding me back from being my truest self, and I was also struggling with a long term health issue. 

As I lay on the ground during the guided breathwork and meditation, I felt a powerful knowing that Naty would be an integral part of my healing. I bought her book, Your Mighty Inner Healer and shortly afterwards we began our 1:1 work together. 

Right from our first incredible healing session, I felt the beginnings of her gentle compassionate support towards building a solid foundation on which to rebuild my strength on all levels. 

Each week Naty taught me new practices, rituals and healing exercises that now support me living a healthier physical, emotional and spiritual life. 

Naty brings a beautiful and immovable inner strength to her teachings and holds compassionate space for my truest self to emerge.

Every healing session goes deeper within and always shakes something up that needs to wake up. It is a very powerful and grounding process for which I knew on a higher level would be an important next step for my spiritual growth. 

Even though it has been challenging at times, because personal growth work is not always easy, I am more peaceful, grounded and clearer about what I want for my life. I am happy to be on a more authentic path that feels right for me. 

I am very grateful to have met Naty, she is a wise and powerful healer.


Lori Bateman



"The Mentorship I had with Naty opened up new vistas and paths for me which I did not even know existed.  Following these paths under her tutelage has lead to new understanding about the world, both seen and unseen.

Naty brings together a wonderful selection of modalities to heal a spiritual heart."


Kaylee Valli



"My search brought me to Naty Howard’s doorstep and the Mentorship she offers.

The program did not answer the questions I had so much as helped me find the answers I was seeking.

It was with Naty’s guidance as someone who has journeyed the Path herself that I have found an abundance of wisdom, compassion and lovingkindness for myself and I am so grateful for that."


Sonya Dunkley



Regain your true self, strength and inner freedom.


This 6-month journey will support you in moving beyond the fragmentation and challenges you currently feel. 

Through Medicine Weaver Mentorship you will awaken stability at the core of your being and unlock the alchemy of your power.

● This program is 100% online. 

● There are no pre-requisites to join. 




Your healing journey is always a call to go deeper into your spiritual journey.

Healing or wellness is never just about the physical body. Some of us begin there, but we quickly learn there is more to it. Whether you've faced a physical, emotional or mental challenge, the inner work needs to happen at all levels: body, heart, mind, spirit and soul.

There are no shortcuts or magic pills. 

But there are direct roads that lead to magical journeys.