Self Healer Challenge

21 Days Of Ritual To Unlock The Tools To Feel Aligned, So You Can Anchor Into Emotional Coherence, Resilience and Inner Stability.



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The Self Healer Challenge

And Discover The Secrets of Self Healing

Transform The Dark Night
Of Your Soul
Activate Your Inner Healer
Discover The Secrets
Of Self-Healing

The Self Healer Challenge is for you, if you are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, burned out and stuck
  • Experiencing a Dark Night Of The Soul, or have experienced trauma that keeps you hostage
  • Frustrated with feeling broken, depleted, unsupported
  • Searching for a clear path forward to feel grounded and safe in your body
  • Yearning for emotional freedom and alignment

Facing Your Pain Is The Best Way Forward

As unpleasant and challenging as that sounds, it's true. To find emotional healing and trust within yourself, you will have to befriend your what cracked your heart open, and identify the obstacles that keep you stuck.

No matter what you are facing, you can evolve your habits and your mindset to change your life ~ ALL YOU NEED IS THE RIGHT TOOLS.

Understanding how to access your Self Healer will enable you to feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually ~ with rituals, tools and practices, that are right at your fingertips.



“When I signed up for the 21 day Self Healer Challenge I had no idea what I was getting into. Something in me just begged me to do something for my own self. I was hoping to find something that was non-stressful, supportive, and lasting. Naty's program ended up being all that and more.

During the program, I carved out an hour every morning for mindfulness practices and her classes and challenges. About halfway through I started making raw juices, and became obsessed with the practice. The time I carved out for self-care had a spiraling effect, and I no longer reached for alcohol in the evenings to calm my anxiety. (Instead, I make a juice or elixir!).

My favourite thing about the program is Naty. She is so real, so knowledgeable and so loving. You feel as though the energy of her presence alone can lift you up. Every lesson flowed and provided new material and ways of living that I hadn't considered before (even as a former yoga teacher myself). And it doesn't end after 21 days. Not only do I have a better toolbelt for my own self-practice, I also have Naty's book and access to her classes at the Yoga Yurt for new sources of connection and information.

Taking a deep breath in, I feel more strength and love in my body. I exhale knowing this change is lifelong. I take the lessons with me wherever I go.”

—Colleen Dempster

Yoga Teacher & Founder of Rewilding Uxbridge

The Self Healer Challenge will unlock the tools to ignite your inner healer so you can shift into emotional coherence & connect with your inner desires.

Here's what you get with the 21-day challenge:

2 Shamanic Healing Circles

Ignite your healing as you let go of what is keeping you stuck and awaken your inner wisdom with 2 Shamanic Healing Circles. (90min each)

(Value $297)

21 Days of

Learn how to activate your self healing powers so you can transform your emotional pain and find greater inner freedom with 21 video lessons.

(Value $997)

Members Portal & Sacred Community

Find support and gain a safe community to share the vulnerabilities that create real connection inside our Sacred Community. Access your Private Members Portal.

(Value $497)

Total Value $ 1791

Regular $297.



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Dig Deeper Into Yourself So You Can Understand Your Trauma And How To Move Forward

“The Self Healer Challenge brought me home within, with acceptance and Grace.

Naty’s ability to hold space without judgment as I worked through the layers of who I am and the fibers that weave the story of ME, allowed me to touch the light within myself that I have struggled to see. Naty’s presence is a gift in my life as she has a way of teaching and guiding that connects to my spirit, has allowed me to understand the teachings on a deeper level and move beyond my resistances from a new found inner space of strength and inner resources.

The process of self discovery combined with the wisdom Naty shares within a nourishing healing space is exactly what I didn't know I needed and I received.

The connection of not only mind and body, past and present, but spirit, mother earth, the sun, the moon and all the elements along with self care and deep nourishment, brings it all together and is what I was missing.

The Self Healer Challenge has opened the door to a journey that is bringing me HOME connecting to who I was meant to be.”

—Michelle Wise

Throughout the Challenge you will learn how to:


Find refuge from your emotional pain

Transform the victim story that continues to define you and keeps you stuck

Strengthen your relationship to Self

Feel aligned, centred and supported in your desires


join today

“I joined the Self Healer Challenge at the beginning of 2022. The timing was perfect for me to start something new and learn a new path to heal myself. I loved how every day we received a new ritual to add to our tool belt. It wasn’t hard to follow along and I looked forward to each new day to find out what would be next. It kept me engaged and interested. Following along with her book, which I think is a manual for a better life. It has changed my life and I now allow myself and others 10% of grace.”

Lisa DiNorcia

Hello, I'm Naty.

I'm here to guide you on your self-healing journey.

I am a Spirit Medicine Healer, Ayurvedic coach, yoga teacher, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Mystery School Sanctioned Teacher and author of Your Mighty Inner Healer.

I understand the desire to feel empowered and fully integrated with your body when something has been lost. I've been there. When extreme levels of heavy metal toxicity caused severe numbness on the right side of my body, I never thought I'd feel whole again.

And yet, it was through this journey I discovered what I now call the Self Healer Path. My greatest challenge became my greatest teacher, and the same can happen to you. You may not know this now, but you have the potential to ignite your transformation. You can take back your power and belong to yourself.


Take The Self Healer Challenge.


Regular $297

Take Control Of Your Healing.

Choose The Self Healing Path To Embodied Wellness.

When you do, you will:

  • Have a Road Map to healing and vitality that is unique and more holistic than other approaches
  • Make peace with your body and your story as you step into your power
  • Create a safe space within you to anchor knee-deep into your resilience and inner strenghts
  • Transform your challenge into your greatest teacher and the portal through which you come to reclaim your Self.

"Naty has a beautiful gift to weave together different levels and dimensions of our being to bring a very deep insight and practical tools for healing.

The Self Healer Challenge is a program based on a complex understanding of trauma, how it impacts us and how we can start creating a healing vortex in our day to day life. I am so grateful I could participate! Thank you!"

—Hana ńĆechová

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You don't have to stay stuck, lost, or feeling broken.


You have the power to transform your journey as you discover the path of inner healing.