Are you ready to transform your health

& your well-being?

If you want to elevate your health, you have to change the inner terrain of your body and your mind, and you must address the inner layers of chemical toxicity we all have. As you know chemical toxicity is one of the root causes of so many of the diseases affecting our gut, our immunity and our health today. 

Because of the environmental toxicity that surrounds us, we all carry chemical toxicity within us.


Some of us more than others. 

The nourishment that you give your body at a cellular level, will determine your immunity and overall health.


The more you nourish your body deeply and detoxify effectively the chemical load you carry, the more you will boost your immunity and build resilient health in your body.

Superfoods are foods that are high in mineral density and have the capacity of nourishing your body at a cellular level, therefore shifting the health of the inner terrain of your body and the outer expression of your health.

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The Core 4 are used as part of the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and the Immune Support Pack, and these will have a deeper impact in your journey to wellness.


 4 products, assembled in great synergy to boost your immunity, remove the chemical load from your gut—glyphosate (round up), heavy metals, GMO, pesticides, herbicides— re-build, regenerate and rejuvenate your body.

These products have been intentionally created to rid your body of the chemical toxicity that affects us all in today’s world (especially glyphosate (round up), pesticides, and GMO effects on our guts.)


They contain essential nutrients to holistically help you transform your health and well-being. Nourish and detoxify your body with organic vegan protein, alkalizing greens, antioxidant-rich fruits, and gut repair & protection.

Super Amino 23

  • Creates anabolic muscle activity and burns fat

  • Increases skin elasticity to reduce FLAB

  • Zero stress on liver and kidneys pre-digested

Power Shake

  • Provides nutrients for TOTAL CELLULAR SATISFACTION

  • Increases FAT BURNING HORMONE adiponectin

  • Has BITTERS that reduce cravings for sweets

  • Provides GUMMY BETA GLUCAN carbs best kind

  • Helps create an alkaline pH

Apothe Cherry

  • Reduces STRESS hormones Melatonin DEEP SLEEP

  • Reduces INFLAMMATION with Anthocyanin pigments

  • Reduces free radicals ORAC 5000 plus

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70% of the immunity of the body is in your gut. 


Now more than even, it is key that we take out the chemical toxicity in the gut and repair it to boost our immunity, nourish our bodies at a cellular level and address the root causes of our health challenges. 

Disease has two root causes: chemical toxicity in the body and mineral deficiencies. By using these products, that have been synergistically formulated to address these root causes, you are giving your self the opportunity to reclaim your health and therefore, your Self.


Everyone 12+. Safe for nursing mothers. 

For kids, try the Epi-genius kids (contains a serving of powershake and biome medic, and comes in creamy chocolate deliciousness.)


If you want to radically change the inner terrain of your body, check out the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. 

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.