Welcome to superfoods, and as you are about to discover welcome to A BRAVE NEW WORLD.




This 30-day program will nourish and detoxify your body with vegan protein, greens, healthy fats, gut health, organic super fruit and natural colon cleansing support.


It will transform your lifestyle to experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep and a more balanced mood.

Are you seeking to deepen your healing as you create balance, vitality, reduce inflammation, increase rejuvenation, healthy habits, through convenient high quality organic, vegan, non GMO, kosher, pure superfoods? 

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This 30 day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) is a complete reset for your entire body that uses the Core 4 products in addition to the Deep Colon Cleanse to more dramatically nourish and detox your system. You will be consuming 2 months worth of the Core 4 product in 1 month as to bring about a deeper change within you.


The body has the capacity to repair itself, when the given the right conditions. Through the 30 day ULT, you will be building, nourishing, detoxifying, regenerating and cleansing your body to shift the inner terrain within you and allow your body to transform.

During the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation you will reset your metabolism, lifestyle, food habits and even fitness routine. Flush away parasites or toxins. Clear your mind, rid unhealthy habits or shed some extra weight. Whatever your reason, a nutrition cleanse can be a great way to help you kickstart your health goals. Daily gut maintenance and natural stress support have become increasingly vital to long-term health.

This nutrition program is CONVENIENT and it was design with the idea that if we nourish our body daily with superfoods and by slowly detoxifying from toxins we can regenerate our genes and heal to a cellular level. When we do this we alter our epic-genetics and we return to a state of hormonal balance. We are what we eat and the higher vibratory foods we eat the higher our bodies will vibrate with life!

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The 30 day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation uses the Core 4 products + deep colon cleanse to reset your entire body.


These products have been assembled in great synergy to boost your immunity, remove the chemical load from your gut—glyphosate (round up), heavy metals, GMO, pesticides, herbicides— re-build, regenerate and rejuvenate your body.They have been intentionally created to rid your body of the chemical toxicity that affects us all in today’s world (especially glyphosate (round up), pesticides, and GMO effects on our guts.)


They contain essential nutrients to holistically help you transform your health and well-being. Nourish and detoxify your body with organic vegan protein, alkalizing greens, antioxidant-rich fruits, and gut repair & protection.

Super Amino 23

  • Creates anabolic muscle activity and burns fat

  • Increases skin elasticity to reduce FLAB

  • Zero stress on liver and kidneys pre-digested

Power Shake

  • Provides nutrients for TOTAL CELLULAR SATISFACTION

  • Increases FAT BURNING HORMONE adiponectin

  • Has BITTERS that reduce cravings for sweets

  • Provides GUMMY BETA GLUCAN carbs best kind

  • Helps create an alkaline pH

Apothe Cherry

  • Reduces STRESS hormones Melatonin DEEP SLEEP

  • Reduces INFLAMMATION with Anthocyanin pigments

  • Reduces free radicals ORAC 5000 plus

Use referral code  AwakenIntoSacredness  to claim your discount of $105US


Everyone wishing to transform at a deep level. Not only transform your body but also your lifestyle, your relationship with food, perhaps loose some weight, lower inflammation in your body, as you also transform your ability to Face Everything and reclaim your Self.

For nursing mothers or pregnant women please use the Core 4 only. 


70% of the immunity of the body is in your gut.


Now more than even, it is key that we take out the chemical toxicity in the gut, that we boost our immunity, nourish our bodies at a cellular level and address the root causes of our health challenges. 

When you give yourself the opportunity to reclaim your health and wellness, you also reclaim your self.

can i eat during this program?


Yes you can!


Lifestyle Meals are the meals you choose to compliment your Purium program. These are based on your ideal healthy lifestyle. They can be plant-based, high-protein or any dietary type that you prefer. Life-Style meals will support you and nourish you 


Flex Foods/Beverages are organic, super fruits and vegetables that provide you with flavourful taste, a chewing sensation, and the overall experience of eating. They transform stress eating from a negative to a positive by replacing comforting or familiar unhealthy food choices with organic super fruits and vegetables. Flex Foods will naturally become your go-to snacks! You can even use organic tropic oil, fresh squeezed lemon, Himalayan sea salt, raw honey, or fresh herbs and spices, for extra flavour.

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This path is all about subtraction, by way of addition. You flood your body with nutrient-rich superfoods without being restrictive with your diet. By meeting your nutritional needs with high-quality foods, you naturally stop craving foods and habits that stem from undernourishment.

OPTION 2 (Suggested for optimal results)

This path is all about accelerated change. By consciously eliminating foods and habits that are not serving your best health and flooding your body with nutrient-rich superfoods, a new fully nourished state of normal is established.


This path is all about Intermittent Fasting.  Incorporate nutrient-rich superfoods while consuming substantially all your calories in a 6-8 hour window.

No matter what, be sure to have your Flex Foods ready and listen to your body and make adjustments as you see fit. 

how will you be supported?


1:1 coaching, text messages, facebook groups, and corporate transformation support calls.

Daily self care tips, delicious and healthy recipe tips and tutorials, education, facebook lives, community and massive amounts of support! We hope you will join us and take this opportunity to meet the most vibrant version of YOU!!!

We look forward to supporting you on this journey every step of the way.



It's priceless. You get to live your best life and save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill every month. Because your cells are deeply nourished, you are eating and craving less. Health is an investment, not an expense, but can become an expense if we are not proactive in taking care of ourselves on a daily basis.


are you ready to detox, reclaim your health and in the process reclaim your self?

Use referral code  AwakenIntoSacredness  to claim your discount of $105US

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