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Power Up Your Health, Ignite Your Transformation & Reclaim Yourself  

Naty Howard is The founder of Yoga Spirit Medicine and author of Your Mighty Inner Healer. She is a sacred healer and wellness warrior. Yoga teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, certified QRA ™️ Practitioner, holds a certificate in Ayurvedic Living Nutrition and a BAA in Photographic Arts.


Having healed herself from severe chemical toxicity, she now shares her roadmap to wellness with others by guiding numerous in-person and online programs such as New and Full Moon Yoga Spirit Medicine Circles, Mighty Detox, Mighty Juice, Spirit Speaks Shamanism, ReWild into Sacredness and 5 Element yoga classes.

Naty's new book Your Mighty Inner Healer offers you a roadmap to wellness and a call to action. Whether you are faced with a health crisis requiring you to embark on a healing journey, or would simply like to deepen your well-being, complete with practical tools will guide you to spark your own healing revolution into wellness.



Here are some of the subjects Naty loves to dive into during interviews & speaking engagements...


  • Root causes of disease + 3 pillars for wellness

  • Toxicity + Remineralization in the 21st Century

  • Tools, tips and tricks for healthy gene expression

  • The need for everyday rituals in the modern era

  • Into Me You See


  • Understanding the health of your inner terrain 

  • The power of the 5 Elements in your everyday life

  • Radical Self-care

  • Living in rhythm

  • Quantum Healing


  • It's power, benefits and purpose

  • The well-known missing link in our diet

  • The ritual of liquid nutrition

  • The Living Systems Code of liquid nutrition

  • Seasonal qualities of liquid nutrition


  • Tools and Tips of the trade

  • Juices, wellness shots, smoothies, raw soups, nut mylks, fermented recipes, powerhouse with superfoods, elixirs, tea infusions, broths & raw cracker recipes

  • Activate your immunity through deep nourishment


  • To fast, feast or cleanse? That is the question

  • Foundations for a succesful detox

  • Levels of detox

  • 7 tools to ignite your mighty inner healer

  • Do you howl at the Moon?


  • The role of the Ego in our Ego-lution. Me? never

  • The art of creating sacred space

  • Shadow work

  • Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Shamanism, Forest Bathing, Earthing


  • Biography of our lineage

  • Are you still listening to that old tape? On autoplay? + Flip the vibe

  • Transforming our emotional trauma

  • Answering the call of Soul


  • My 40 day juice fast

  • Making peace with your body

  • Non-negotiables and the need to rewild

  • 18 tools to unleash your mightiness

  • Becoming your own master alchemist


If you are struggling to reclaim your own health, or simply want to ramp it up to a new level of vibrancy, this book will change your life.

Janet Matthews, Canadian Co-author of Four Canadian Chicken Soup for the Soul Books

" Anyone who has the good fortune to learn from Naty and be guided by her knowledge will enjoy a tremendous benefit to their health, outlook and lifestyle.

—Meghan Telpner, Author, Nutritionist, Founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition

"This book will set you on the right path of healing and wholeness."


— Ingrid Cryns, Registered Psychotherapist and Eco Architect

“Naty’s absolute intention to be a clear vessel in this world on all levels has allowed her to transform her difficult journey into a mastery that will assist you in your transformation through her gentle words in her amazing book —Your Mighty Inner Healer. Her story is one of hope, courage, remembrance, and transformation that will uplift your heart and encourage your soul.


—Cindy Mahealani Sellers-Founder Angel Farms Cleanse, Author-You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore. Speaker, recording artist, Nutritionist, Iridologist, Spiritual Healer

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What People Are Saying About Naty's Book

"Your Mighty Inner Healer brilliantly illumines how pivotal a plant based self-care approach to human spiritual evolution is and furthermore clearly discloses Naty’s own courageous process of healing and Self-transformation.


This book is a sacred gift to all who read it, a steadfast altruistic dedication to the Great Work, to the seven generations and a roadmap helping humankind re-Member its essential purpose for being, which is to serve the entire web of life through teaching Love in the way we live."

—Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Originator of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition cross-cultural shamanism; Founder, The Heart of the Healer (THOTH)

“A powerful and unique book. Naty has drawn from ancient and modern sources and blended this knowledge with her own rich experience and personal wisdom to create a marvellous and inspirational journey back to wholeness.


This book supports the reader to integrate powerful practices with the regenerative powers of Ayurvedic principles as they are applied in the use of high vitality foods and wild nutritional medicines. Written as a masterpiece and designed to take us deeply into the shamanic energetics of the plant world and nature to support the shift in consciousness.


— Shantree Kacera, R.H., D.N., Ph.D., Author of Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis and Founder and co-director of The Living Centre

Your Mighty Inner Healer and the wisdom found in Naty’s personal healing process from Heavy Metal Toxicity, will inspire you to take the risk to heal yourself.

—(Rev.) Andrew Blake, RP, Buddhist Chaplain & Psychotherapist

Naty creatively presents a multi-dimensional approach to becoming all that we are. Her passionate and honest voice reminds us of the profound link between physical healing and spiritual awakening, and she generously gives us an abundance of practical tools to bring it into our lives.”


—Caroline Marie Dupont, M. Sc., Soul Coach & Holistic Nutritionist

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