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Yoga Spirit Medicine is a fusion practice of Yoga and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Shamanism, in alignment with the Moon. 

It offers an elemental yet heart based asana practice, toning, pranayama, ritual, ceremony, shamanic journeying, self-inquiry processes to awaken into Sacredness, in alignment with the theme of the moon.


The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition sacred mesa (altar) is at the centre of the space of practice, informing our process and weaving its magic and sacred medicine. Each artifact in the mesa is a portal into a different aspect of ourselves and our healing in alignment with the elements, directions, spirit animals and awareness of the 5 bodies:


physical - south - earth - anaconda snake

emotional - west - water - whale/dolphin

spiritual - north - air - eagle/condor

mental - east - fire - puma/jaguar

soul - centre - ether/space - llama/hummingbird

Yoga is the vehicle to move in & through your body to release stress, emotional trauma and the blockages that hold you back. In mindfully moving your body, you are received by your heart, as you come home to the place of your true belonging in intimate relationship with your Self, transcending into more congruent actions into the world and awakening to the sacredness within.

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of cross-cultural shamanism is an elemental practice just like Yoga is. It is a dynamic healing ancient practice of being and living in Sacred Reciprocity with the World. A state of being in the awareness that all is Sacred. A practice that allows you to fine tune your process of being in relationship with your Selves, each other and the ecosystem that supports us all.

The 5 elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether are the portals through which we access our wisdom and deep healing. 

Alignment with the New or Full Moon through ritual serves as portal into your own journey of alignment of body, mind and soul as you reclaim the fragmented pieces of your self and therefore your power and  connect deeply with your True Source or Essence. Rise and Awaken into Sacredness.

Alignment with the New Moon is a process of becoming more aware of the seeds we plant in our consciousness as we harmonize our actions into the world. It is a process of tuning our body - mind  into the Heart. 

Alignment with the Full Moon is a process of becoming more aware of our expression into the world. It is a time of becoming more confident of the steps we take today as they will become the soil we will pant the seeds of our dreams tomorrow.

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The synergy between these three practices is alchemical. It allows us to deeply transform and arrive in the seat of our inner wisdom, which ultimately strengthens our connection to one another and our external ecosystem: Mother Earth ~ Pachamama herself.

Yoga Spirit Medicine will allow you to feel your grace & the sweetness of your breath as you ignite your life & your potential.

During a Yoga Spirit Medicine workshop or retreat you will:

  • Reclaim your personal power as you reclaim the fragmented pieces of your Self and are empowered to consciously choose what you will plant in the garden of our hearts that will bear fruit with the cycles of the Moon

  • Align your elemental nature with the Nature of the Cosmos and the power of the New and Full Moons


  • Awaken to your own Sacred Medicine

  • Connect more deeply to Yourself & anchor into your centre

  • Align Body, Mind, Heart with Soul

As you awaken into sacredness through our time together you will also:

  • Feel integrated and connected

  • Feel worthy of your healing and desires

  • Know you deserve to come home to yourself

  • Know you deserve to take the time to pause, heal and recalibrate to your soul’s trueness

  • Experience a sense of grounding and feeling of held

  • Feel access to answers you didn’t have before

  • Awareness - permission - and wisdom to tune in and pause

"Naty has guided me in several Yoga Spirit Medicine healing circles. I trust in her process of ritual and her care and am able to surrender to the guidance of her voice. She has become a midwife of my deepening spiritual awareness."

— Anne Lumley

"Naty’s Yoga Spirit Medicine Healing Circles are always life changing for me and I have grown so much spiritually since I started gathering for her circles.  She has opened my eyes and heart to a whole new world and energy, which has brought deep transformation into my life..  I am forever grateful for Naty and her sacred moon medicine and healing."


​— Hannah McNamara, Founder & Director of Yoga Yurt.

Yoga Spirit Medicine Offerings:

An opportunity to awaken into sacredness in alignment with the magic and the medicine of the New and Full Moons through yoga, breath-work, toning and shamanic journeying. A part of Yoga Spirit Medicine.

Currently via Zoom.

A fusion practice of yoga + shamanism. 


Upcoming schedule here.

Awaken your own Sacred Medicine, transform your shadow and reclaim your Self.


Spirit Speaks is an elemental journey into awakening, or rather remembering your sacred medicine, through Yoga Spirit Medicine, a fusion practice of yoga and shamanism that allows you to create stillness within as you transform aspects of your shadow, and align deeply with the wisdom and power of the 5 elements to heal your fragmented psyche and body.


Through this shamanic weekend apprenticeship you will create your own sacred altar in alignment the 5 elements, you will be diving deep into Soul work, be guided by 5 shamanic journeys as your heal and transform as you reclaim the fragmented pieces of your Self and anchor into your inner space of Sacredness and wholeness through ritual & ceremony.

Spirit Speaks is a shamanic training from the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. 

Do you yearn to connect with the language through which Spirit constantly Speaks?


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