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I am here to support you to unlock The Self Healer Path so you can find safety in your body, transform your story, and reclaim your authentic self.

Hey, there!


I am here to support you to unlock The Self-Healing Map so you can find safety in your body, transform your story, and reclaim your authentic self.

I wrote this book for you.

Learn the self healer tools to power up your health, ignite your transformation and reclaim your self.
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Healing Journey 

Is Personal


And yet I understand what you're going through. I've been there too, TWICE.

In the late 90's I worked as a photojournalist and had the opportunity to witness both the beauty of man and the darkest side of humanity.

To say that my heart was cracked open is an understatement. 

At the time I found refuge in both meditation and yoga. It became my time of 'sanity' so I could meet an insane world.

The second time I hit the ground running was when extreme levels of heavy metal toxicity caused severe numbness on the right side of my body, I never thought I'd feel whole again.

And yet, it was through this journey I discovered what I now call The Self Healer Path. My greatest challenge became my greatest teacher, and the same can happen to you.

You may not know this now, but you have the potential to ignite your transformation. You can take back your power and find belonging in yourself.

Today I guide others to unlock the shamanic path to healing body, find their power in the shadow, carve a sanctuary within and reclaim their sense of Self.

I am a Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Activator and Mentor, Ayurvedic Counsellor, Yoga And Meditation Teacher, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Mystery School Sanctioned Teacher and Author of Your Mighty Inner Healer.

Unlock The Self Healing Map, so you can reclaim your sacredness and belong to yourself again

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Carve safety in your body so you can discover unshakeable strength and move beyond feeling fragmented.


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Discover The Self Healer Secrets You Need To Reclaim Sovereignty Of Your Body. Includes 108+ recipes & practices to meet yourself.


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Create a Personal Sanctuary to Transform Anxiety & Overwhelm, So You Can Cultivate Inner Peace and Reclaim Your Authentic Self. Plus, gain access to The Practice Lab.


Book A Healing Session

60min. virtual shamanic energy healing in-tunements to shift the blockages, cut cords, clear your energy field and the impact of imprints in your body, psyche, soul


Join A Shamanic Healing Circle

Start your sacred journey for a deeper connection within, as you nourish your soul and reclaim your personal power. In person workshops.


Be Supported Through Mentorship

Enter a 6 month Healing Vortex So You Can Reclaim Your Authentic Self and Unlock Your Spiritual Healing Potential. 


Where are you along your journey?

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As A Shamanic Healer and Mentor I Offer:

  • 14+ years of real-world experience walking the Self Healer Path and applying the strategies I teach
  • Support in activating your healing journey through the proven step-by-step Self Healing Map
  • Sacred space for deep and lasting transformation
  • A perfect blend of ancient rituals and modern practices for creating inner stability, transforming your story, shifting relationships, building trust in yourself, rewiring your mindset, and claiming sovereignty
  • Intuitive and empathic guidance to attune to higher frequencies and provide the necessary insights for immediate action on your healing journey.

Specifically, I can help you:

  • Establish the necessary inner structure to support yourself on your spiritual healing journey
  • Discover and incorporate shamanic rituals, tools, and practices into your own medicine bag as you progress through the roadmap to becoming your own healer
  • Boost your confidence in taking action as you honour, anchor, nourish, transform, and awaken to your power
  • Utilize ritual to restore your sense of wholeness
  • Activate your intuitive healing abilities
  • Reconnect with your personal medicine and harness its power.

Your body yearns to heal

If you're ready to feel more at peace with yourself and reclaim your power, then it's time to activate your inner healer. Start walking the path today.

Start Your Journey
Hi, there! I'm Naty.

Creatrix of Yoga Spirit Medicine, Shamanic And Intuitive Healer, Ayurvedic Coach, Yoga, Breath-work and Meditation Teacher, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Shamanism Sanctioned Teacher and Author of Your Mighty Inner Healer

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