Refuge Mentorship

Creating safety within is central to your ability to unhook the emotional imprints that keep you stuck so you can cultivate self-trust and self-love.


'Journey Into Refuge' Mentorship is a 1:1 sacred shamanic space of self-transformation and self-discovery to reclaim the entirety of your being and gather the rituals you need to: 


Transform The Anxiety That Holds You Back

Heal Your Body & Create Safety Within

Release Personal And Ancestral Trauma & Discover Unshakeable Strength

Claim Your Power & Align With Your Sacred Work In The World

Re-Member Who You Are


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Tell me something?

  • Are you struggling to have a clear path to activate your body’s healing and vitality that addresses the root cause of how you feel in your body, not just your symptoms?

  •  Do you feel disconnected from who you are? Unsafe in your body? Too sensitive for the world? Yearning to reclaim the Truth of yourself so you can stand in your power, and create inner stability at the center of your being?

  •  Are you drowning under the weight of a rollercoaster of emotions, judgment, self-shame, grief, unworthiness, emotional blocks? 

  •  Do you find yourself constantly wishing to connect with the sacred within yourself, find inner peace and inner freedom, and come home to yourself again so you can embody the power of your sacred work in the world?

Though your story has shaped you, you have within you the power and the wisdom to deepen your healing journey and anchor into #refuge.


"Refuge Mentorship has awakened and aligned the powerful force that is, my body, heart and spirit. Moving from a chaotic state of overwhelm (postpartum -twins) I now feel centred and focused. Consciously choosing routine, joy and allowing my light to shine.
It is as if Naty held my (virtual) hand, and guided me home."


Lucy Knight

Yoga Teacher


Picture This...

  • You transform your relationship with your body from being at war with the symptomatology of your journey to understand who you were born to be and how to tend to your unique body so you can ignite LUMINOUS AND RADIANT WHOLE-BODY HEALTH.
  • You are able to let go of the ‘50 pound backpack’ of emotional weight you have been carrying and are able to MEET YOURSELF from a place of self-compassion, reverence and self-love, because you now feel safe in your body, and know that the only one you need to fit-in-with or belong to is YOURSELF.
  • You release the karmic cords, and contracts that hold you back. Transcend limited beliefs that keep you stuck and the self-shaming inner dialogue of unworthiness that keeps you in the hamster wheel of self-sabotage.
  • You learn to place healthier boundaries for your healing journey, anchor into your resiliency, strength, inner-stability, courage to stop carrying everyone else’s emotional baggage and claim your sacred DIVINE FLOW.
  • You regain TRUST IN YOURSELF and the unseen web that holds you, so you can make peace with your body, yourself, your trauma, and your ancestry.

  • You create coherence of mind-body-soul, anchor into an integrated space of wholeness within and UNLOCK YOUR CREATRIX POWERS to answer the yearning in your heart to manifest your desires from a place of deep receiving and create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

  • You come home to yourself again, remembering who you are, a DIVINE MEDICINE KEEPER, claiming the inner-power of your sovereignty and activating your multidimensional intuitive healer.

  • You up-level your frequency and learn to expand your field so you can unleash the ALCHEMY AND POWER OF YOUR SACRED MEDICINE.


Your healing journey is always a call to go deeper into your spiritual journey.

Healing or wellness is never just about the physical body. Some of us begin there, but we quickly learn there is more to it. Whether you've faced a physical, emotional or mental challenge, the inner work needs to happen at all levels: body, heart, mind, spirit and soul.

There are no shortcuts or magic pills. 

But there are direct roads that lead to magical journeys.



 5-Key Pillars To Weave Yourself To Wholeness


Healing can be a complex journey until you discover the 5-pillars to embody the wellness you seek. During this 6-month online Mentorship program, you'll discover tools, ancient rituals and modern practices to create an integrated foundation for your healing with these 5-key pillars:

Earth Medicine

Reclaim and honour your unique body so you can create greater stability and wellness in your life.

Water Medicine

Create a safe space within to channel your fears into a source of strength and personal power.

Spirit Medicine

Weave trust in your relationships and awaken into sacred relationship to self, other and spirit.

Fire Medicine

Identify the "core wound" that dictates your patterns and resistances to change your story.

Soul Medicine

Awaken the sacred within you, as you anchor into refuge, resilience and self-renewal.

"Naty is a wise and powerful healer. She brings a beautiful and immovable inner strength to her teachings and holds a compassionate space for my most authentic self to emerge."


Lori Bateman

Breathwork Teacher


'Journey Into Refuge' Mentorship Will Support You To Reclaim The Domain Of The Sacred Within So You Can Activate The Ancient Healer In You.


Regain your true self, strength and inner freedom.


This 6-month journey will support you in moving beyond the fragmentation and challenges you currently feel. 

This integrated and carefully curated journey weaves together ancient ritual, ceremony, Ayurvedic wisdom, Shamanic energy healings, breathwork, meditation, yoga, eastern philosophy, shadow work, human psychology and more.

● This program is 100% online. 

● There are no pre-requisites to join. 





'Journey Into Refuge' Mentorship integrates and weaves ancient rituals and self-healing practices for those of you who want to claim a deeper connection within and anchor into your sacred space of belonging.

Life has a way of calling us forward to evolve, rise and become our prayer.

Who could you be if you could transcend your old story? What would it FEEL to be that person?


If you are on a spiritual healing journey, Mentorship will guide you to reclaim the Truth of YourSelf, and support you to create the sacred space of refuge you need to transform your story.