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Your guide to activate your healing, deepen your spiritual journey and awaken the intuitive healer in you.
Activate Your Personal Healing
Embody Coherence of Mind-Body-Spirit
Unlock Your Sacred Medicine

Tell me if this feels 


  • You feel fragmented, yearning to move beyond the anxiety and overwhelm that keeps you stuck
  • You dream of reclaiming luminous whole-body health
  •  You feel like you are not living the right life, that you don't fit in anywhere
  • Stuck on a rollercoaster of emotions, always last on the list, wishing you could somehow step away from the erratic movement of chaos and find an integrated structure to tend to yourself
  • You are done with the self-shaming loop inside your head
  • You are ready to move beyond the fear and emotional blocks that stop you from becoming the you that you’ve been seeking
  • You are looking for a clear path to hold your personal and spiritual transformation
  • You yearn to connect with the sacred inside yourself, reclaim your inner wisdom and joy, and find inner peace
  • You are ready to come home to yourself again and embody the power of your sacred medicine
  • You are ready to align with your soul's calling to do your work in the World

Unlock The Self Healer Path, so you can


 reclaim your sacredness and belong to yourself again 

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You don't have to stay stuck, lost, feeling broken.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

There’s an easier way...

You have the power to transform your journey as you discover shamanic rituals to deepen your healing.

With the right tools you can:

Feel Safe In
Your Body

Creating safety within is central to your ability to embody your healing, cultivate self-trust and self-love.

The Self Healer Path will help you come transform feeling stuck in the Trauma Vortex, wishing things would be different to knowing that you have the inner resources to create the sacred space of refuge you need to move beyond feeling broken.

Restore Emotional Coherence

Transform the victim story that continues to define you and keeps you stuck is key to being able to create coherence and integrity in your life.

With the Self Healer Path, you will be able to make peace with your body and your journey, as you ignite your inner healer to develop self compassion and enable you to be grounded and feel aligned. 

Amplify Your
Healing Vortex

Your Healing Vortex is the space of sacredness within you that supports your rapid transformation and the creation of stability in your foundation. 

It is the momentum built by your practices, tools, rituals and the strengthening of your inner resources. The Self Healer Path will support you to clarify and amplify your Healing Vortex. 

You Were Never Meant To Do This Alone.

I'm here to help you along your journey.

I can show you the way.

Together, we'll reclaim your inner healer.

Your Body Yearns To Heal.

If you are ready to feel more at peace with yourself and reclaim your power, then it's time to activate your inner healer.

Start walking the path today.



When you start walking the Self Healer Path you will:

Gain a clear sense of how to re-build yourself
Move past the veils of what's holding you back
Unlock the gateway to deeper levels of healing and belonging
Evolve your habits, mindset and health
Step into your power
Reclaim your body
Start Your Journey
Hi, there! I'm Naty.

Creatrix of Yoga Spirit Medicine, Shamanic Healer, Ayurvedic Coach, Yoga, Breath-work and Meditation Teacher, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Shamanism Sanctioned Teacher and Author of Your Mighty Inner Healer

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