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Hey, it's Naty. 
I am the author of the upcoming book Your Mighty Inner Healer and founder of Yoga Spirit Medicine. I am yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and guide to your Mighty Detox. I welcome you to this sacred space. May the tools, practices & rituals I share, serve you to awaken into your deepest inner space of belonging and refuge.

are you ready to power up your health,

ignite your transformation

& reclaim your self?

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Now more than ever, we must look at what makes our very own foundation for health. We must look both at the cracks and the strengths in the pillars of our foundation.

Your Mighty Inner Healer is a book, a journey and a movement to not only reclaim your health but also reclaim your Self, your truth and your power. It is an invitation to take massive sustainable action towards rebuilding your health.


You have within you the capacity to face everything and to rise. This book is simply your roadmap to help you find & unlock what is already within you.


Join me here on FB Live on Thursdays at 1:11pm ET for tips and guided practices to build a stronger Foundation for your Health.




Fri. June 5th, 7.30 - 9.30pm via Zoom. 

Details here.


Sat. June 20th, 7.30 - 9.30pm via Zoom.

Details here.



Monday, MAY 18th,

7.30pm - 9.30pm 

Includes 1 copy of the book.



Guide: Moon rituals for radical self-care. 

+ Guided Meditation: journey into your sacred garden, meet hummingbird medicine.

I am here to support you to ignite your transformation

Ultimately the healing journey is not just about re-claiming your health, it is also about reclaiming your power, freedom, purpose, your soul treasures and the possibility of unleashing your mightiness.

You Got This


The quality of nourishment you give your body will greatly impact your roadmap to wellness.

Learn about the power that liquid nutrition and superfoods have to boost your immunity and radically change the inner terrain of you body.


Awaken your own Sacred Medicine, heal and transform as you reclaim the fragmented pieces of your Self and anchor into your inner space of sacredness and wholeness through ritual & ceremony.

Reclaim your Self & Align with your Soul.

"Working with Naty has helped me practice slowing down and feeling within. I feel lighter and a much greater knowing about what foods will truly nourish me. I intend to continue using what I have learned for grounded awareness. Naty's support and careful guidance has brought me to my sacred self, my sacred heart."

— Annie Lumley

"Naty’s Moon Yoga Circles are always life changing for me and I have grown so much spiritually since I started gathering for her circles.  She has opened my eyes and heart to a whole new world and energy, which has brought deep transformation into my life..  I am forever grateful for Naty and her sacred moon medicine and healing."


​— Hannah McNamara, Founder & Director of Yoga Yurt.

"Words cannot describe what Spirit Speaks did for me. It was a journey that enriched my life. I grew spiritually during the course. It confirmed that the path I am on is the right one for me. Naty is so knowledgeable and trusting. She lead the way with compassion and love. The knowledge and experience was priceless. It makes me want to learn and experience more on my spiritual journey through this life. Thank you Naty."

— Sandra Zakss

"Naty Howard came into my life at the right moment. Her program, Mighty Detox, helped me to take the time to listen to my inner voice, refocus on what matters, and reconnect with my purpose.


I love how integrated it is between the mind and the body and the spirit – just like how we are integrated as humans. Naty is a wise and gentle, and I’m so pleased our paths have crossed. Looking forward to going on another journey with her soon."  

- Alice Irene Withaker

"Spirit Speaks was the exact answer I needed to help ground me and bring me back to my raw roots. 

Throughout the course, Naty guided me to activate everyday items that I can use to connect with Spirit— through my own Mesa Altar— and how everyone has the ability to travel deep within themselves for answers. 

Naty's wonderful support and teachings have helped me carve out sacred space and greater clarity in my life, and will further drive me to rediscover my true sacred heart.

I am so blessed that our paths crossed when they did."

— Rebecca Raines

"The Mighty Detox was an absolute wonderful experience for me. The biggest transformation period was after Day 3 where the cravings for food were no longer there. Instead, I experienced a feeling of lightness, I was full of energy and my mind was settled.


The guidance Naty provided was a beautiful way to help quiet my busy mind and allow me to dig deeper inwards. She provided me with amazing recipes, tools, and guidance to continue to use daily. Big, big thank you Naty!"


— Sarah Coughlin

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